7 Wonderful Reasons to Work Abroad and Get out of Your Comfort Zone ...

If you are looking for a new challenge in life, look no further - here are 7 wonderful reasons to work abroad and get out of your comfort zone. Working abroad has loads of possibilities; you could ask your current company for a secondment to an international branch or you could start afresh and get a work visa and go anywhere in the world that you fancy. In the past it seemed only the high flyers of the corporate world could work abroad, but now if you are motivated and organised anyone can do it. Stop hesitating about the logistics of getting work and start dreaming of the possibilities - here are my top reasons to work abroad and get out of your comfort zone.

1. See the World

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The most obvious of reasons to work abroad is so that you can travel and see the world and still have money in the bank when it’s all over. Whether you are a scuba diving instructor in Indonesia, a banker in Hong Kong or a freelance writer in Australia, when the weekends come, you will have time to explore and see the wonders of your new home. There is nothing quite like finishing a hard day’s work and then taking a dip in crystal clear seas or tasting local food delicacies. The cultural changes will be phenomenal.

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