7 Stunning Natural Sights of Switzerland ...

None can doubt the wondrous beauty of Switzerland. But if you’re visiting how do you not get overwhelmed by the sheer magnificence of the scenery? Here is my recommendation of the seven most stunning natural sights of Switzerland that shouldn’t be missed.

1. Hike up to Oeschinensee

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Oeschinensee is an alpine lake of outstanding natural beauty, shimmering in the clear mountain air like a turquoise jewel. This area belongs to the Jungfray-Aletsch-Bietschhorn UNESCO World Heritage Site. Shaped like a horse-shoe, the small lake lies in the Bernese Highlands and is one of the loveliest natural sights of Switzerland. Spanning little more than 1 square kilometer, the lake is located 1,578 meters above sea level and deemed to be one of the most beautiful lakes found in the Alps. It is situated just a 20 minute walk from the peak of the Kandersteg lift. The lake's mirror-calm surface reflects the snow-covered peaks all around it, some of which soar some 3,000 meters into the azure skies.

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