7 Outstanding Beaches of the Adriatic to Catch the Rays ...


7 Outstanding Beaches of the Adriatic to Catch the Rays ...
7 Outstanding Beaches of the Adriatic to Catch the Rays ...

As there are six countries with coastlines on the Adriatic Sea, there’s a lovely diversity in the Adriatic beaches. The Adriatic is the northern arm of the Mediterranean and lies between the east coast of Italy and the Balkan Peninsula. The countries with an Adriatic coastline are Italy, Croatia, Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Albania and Slovenia. I’ve picked out some of the best Adriatic beaches, with a selection from each country, just to give you a flavor.

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Baska, Krk Island, Croatia

Baska, Krk Island, Croatia If you’re looking for kid-friendly Adriatic beaches, you can’t go wrong with Baska. Vela Plaza beach is about 2 km long and has crystal clear water where you can see the sea bed. The shallow water means it is perfect for kids and non-swimmers. There are enough cafes and restaurants to keep you refreshed, a nearby amusement park offers you different options, and various water sports equipment can be hired on the beach.


Portoroz, Slovenia

Portoroz, Slovenia Portoroz is Slovenia’s coastal capital of entertainment and nightlife. The main attraction is the large semicircular beach, which offers plenty of water sports. There are plenty of restaurants around and about and if you are feeling lucky, you might want to test it at the nearby casino. If not, just enjoy the vibrant nightlife. The promenade literally buzzes, day and night.


Przno, Montenegro

Przno, Montenegro The highlight of Montenegro is Przno Beach. Many visitors flock to the Gulf of Kotor, not knowing one of the best beaches on the Adriatic is but a short distance along the coast. It is situated on the last bay before the Gulf of Kotor, which makes it difficult to access but that exclusivity makes the trip worth the pain. The water at the beach is shallow, which means it is a great place for families and kids. Picnic on the beach or the shade of the nearby woods or just find a shady spot in a local restaurant.


Pasqyrat Beach, Albania

Pasqyrat Beach, Albania Not all Adriatic beaches are sandy, but if you don’t mind pebbles, you’ll undoubtedly see the charms of Pasqyrat Beach. It is gorgeous, and secluded and peaceful. It is surrounded by rocks and it enjoys some of the best views of the Ionian coast. It is very wall maintained and despite its seclusion, and lack of real tourist infrastructure in Albania, it is reachable by car. There’s a small but excellent seafood restaurant nearby.


Neum Beach, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Neum Beach, Bosnia and Herzegovina Bosnia only has fifteen miles of coastline and the jewel in that little crown is Neum. It is quiet but beautiful. The beach area is basically split up by a number of small resort hotels who have segregated slabbed areas with umbrellas and sunbeds. You can just enjoy the sunshine or rent water sports equipment for some fun out on the waves. Neum has a reputation for beach volleyball and visitors can usually find a game among fellow tourists or even with the locals. Dining at one of the seafood restaurants is a must-do at Neum.


Portonovo, Italy

Portonovo, Italy As you drive down the dead-end road that leads to a collection of hotels and restaurants, you will see a fortress built by Napoleon to fight off the British. Other than the fortress, the place boasts a picturesque beach and the church of Santa Maria. There are makeshift beach huts and campsites to make your holiday experience worth remembering! Portonovo has one of the best beaches on the Adriatic and once you are there, you will know why! The views are breathtaking.


Punta Rata Beach, Croatia

Punta Rata Beach, Croatia Back to Croatia for my last pick. Punta Rata beach is found in the small town of Brela on the Makarska Riviera (you know anything called Riviera is going to be good – right?). This is a Blue Flag beach so you know water quality is high and the beach environment is clean. Punta Rata is a sandy and pebbly beach with a sandy shoal. It is surrounded by a fragrant forest, where you can escape the sun for some shade, or just seat yourself on a beach bar stool. After a day in the sun, there’s plenty happening in nearby downtown Makarska.

All of the countries on the Adriatic (except for Bosnia and Herzegovina which is limited to the one) are blessed with some outstanding beaches. If you love the Med, you’ll love the Adriatic. Have you ever been to this region?

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