7 Breathtakingly Beautiful Cities to Visit in Japan ...


7 Breathtakingly Beautiful Cities to Visit in Japan ...
7 Breathtakingly Beautiful Cities to Visit in Japan ...

These magnificent cities to visit in Japan will leave you feeling breathless. The beautiful country of Japan is known for its intriguing ancient and modern sites. I find it interesting that this country is essentially made up of a series of islands. Whether you are traveling to thecountry because of the rustic mountains or the magnificent springs, you will be floored by these amazing cities to visit in Japan.

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Tokyo I am placing Tokyo at the forefront of this list of breathtakingly beautiful cities to visit in Japan because of its overwhelming popularity with tourists. According to Forbes.com, Japan National Tourist Organization concurred that "7 of the 10 most-visited destinations in the country are in the capital." With its futuristic and technological commodities, I am not surprised by this fact. My friend who recently visited Japan for the first time said that the main issue to be aware of in Tokyo is that it can be extremely crowded.



Nagoya Ever since I was a child, I have wanted to visit Nagoya, Japan. There is something about the beauty of cherry blossoms blooming along the Yamazaki River that captivates me. Also, Nagoya is home to the majestic and exquisitely structured Nagoya Castle and the Toyota Commemorative Museum of Industry and Technology, which was rated as the number one tourist attraction in this marvelous city.



Kyoto With access to a diverse variety of temples and shrines, you will certainly want to savour as much of the city of Kyoto as you can! For instance, Fushimi Inari Shrine is a popular shrine amongst locals and tourists because of the fact that it honors the god of rice, Inari. Once the capital, you will definitely be able to ther experience rich cultural heritage of Japan by traveling to this city. If you need any further incentives, the Gion Festival is held in Kyoto and features a variety of cultural dances and amazing art displays.



Osaka Some of the best sights to see are in Osaka, Japan. For instance, Osaka Castle, located in its namesake, is one of the most popular castles visited in Japan. Also, during the summer, the two-day Tenjin Festival commences where many people gather to take part in the celebration of the deity of scholarship. Lastly, amusement park enthusiasts will be delighted to know that there is an Universal Studios in Osaka.



Nikko Nikko, Japan is surrounded by absolutely stunning scenery! To be specific, Kegon Falls and Yutaki Waterfall are some of the attractions that enhance the overall ambience of this magnificent place. I promise that you will have no regrets once you are standing just a mere few feet away from these marvelous forces of nature.



Sapporo Sapporo is a great place to visit if you are traveling during winter as it is known for its snow festival. Located in Nakajima Park, the site that I would most like to explore in Sapporo is its amazingly intricate concert hall. However, if you have an adventurous streak, you will be amazed by the stunning view on Mount Moiwa, which can be reached via an aeriel lift (also known as Mount Moiwa Ropeway).



Yokohama Lastly, there are many attractions in Yokohama that make it such a great place visit. For instance, traveling to the Yokohama Landmark Tower Sky Garden gives people a chance to enjoy the sunset at a much closer distance (as it is 69 stories high); this would be a great place to go out to on a date. Additionally, animal lovers will certainly fall in love with Nogeyama Zoo.

Japan features a multitude of tourist attractions in incredibly diverse cities. With its intricately designed architecture and rustic beauty, this list could go on forever. Are there any other cities in Japan that you would love to visit one day?

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I remember walking through Gion, so much fun! And Harjuku - if you go on Sundays, everyone goes - helllooo crowds!!

Tokyo is a beautiful city as well as Kyoto :)

I live in okinawa it's nice here beautiful beaches :-) Tokyo is good for visit I used to live there don't like cuz it's too busy lol

Nikko, Kyoto, Miyajima and Sapporo for me :)

I recommend the hidden gems: Matsuyama is beautiful with a castle tucked on a mountain; Kurashiki is old Japan mixed with a European edge; Kobe has some gorgeous views; and Miyajima is lovely too! <3

hey people

I went to Kanazawa in March for one day - it's was a spot of gold-trading in the early Middleages. The town is not so well known as other cities but definitely worth a visit. Also there are a lot of samurai-residences!! :) Very nice tips by the way ;)

Love this article... Perfect timing!

I live in Fukui. I like Kyoto and Osaka.

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