9 Ziplines for a Thrilling Ride ...


9 Ziplines for a Thrilling Ride ...
9 Ziplines for a Thrilling Ride ...

Ziplines were once the remit of obstacle courses – mostly used by armed forces in training (and to put corporate employees through hell on team-building retreats). Nowadays, there are zipline tours everywhere. You can take a canopy tour through the rainforest or see a city skyline from a unique angle. If you’re looking for something different to do on your next vacation, how about one of these thrilling ziplines?

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Alaska - Icy Strait Point

Alaska - Icy Strait Point Icy Strait Point is where cruise ships to Alaska dock. Passengers get the chance to see the surroundings including roaming bears and soaring bald eagles from ziplines. There are six cables covering over five thousand feet and it’s possible to reach a speed of sixty mph.


Those seeking adventure amidst natural beauty will find Icy Strait Point an absolute treat. As you glide over the pristine Alaskan landscape, the rush is complemented by breathtaking views of the dense forest canopy, deep-blue ocean waters, and the wildfrontier below. After the zipline exhilaration, visitors can wander through the restored salmon cannery or take part in local Tlingit cultural presentations. This authentic experience combines heart-pounding heights with a deep cultural immersion that's simply unforgettable. Whether you're a thrill-seeker or a nature buffalo, this destination adds an unforgettable zip to any Alaskan voyage.


Thailand - Flight of the Gibbons, Bangkok

Thailand - Flight of the Gibbons, Bangkok This incredibly beautiful country is perfect for zipline tours. A popular location is the Chonburi rainforest that is filled with monkeys, giant squirrels, gibbons and deer. Not only do cables allow you to get a bird’s eye view of this ancient forest but your course is challenged by swings, spider nets, bridges and Tarzan jumps.


St. Lucia - Adrenaluna

St. Lucia - Adrenaluna It’s not surprising there are many ziplines in the spectacular Caribbean. However, you can still do something different. You can zip through the rainforest at night. This happens only three days every month when the moon is full. It’s a magical, moonlit experience, permitting the use of a Tarzan’s vine so you can soar onto a platform.


Costa Rica - Miss Sky, Nosara

Costa Rica - Miss Sky, Nosara One of the first fabulous locations to come up with zipline tours as a sightseeing tool was Costa Rica. In such beautiful surroundings it seemed the obvious thing to do. It is here you are able to enjoy the thrill of the longest zipline tour of seven miles. It has twenty one runs of 1,500 feet in length and you see stunning river pools, howler monkeys and waterfalls. (South Africa has the longest uninterrupted zip line.)


Israel -Tzuk Manara, Kiryat Shmona

Israel -Tzuk Manara, Kiryat Shmona This is the longest of the ziplines in Israel and it offers a most unique ride because of the angle of 37 degrees. The Tzuk Manara zipline has the sharpest angle in the world. This unique feature permits you to control speed, which you can adjust as you are moving. This ride gives a perfect view of Mount Hermon, the Golan Heights and the Hula Valley in the Galilee area.


USA – Flightlinez, Las Vegas

USA – Flightlinez, Las Vegas Zipline tours are a different way to see flashy Las Vegas. You can experience being close-up in the city and then as a voyeur above the hustle and bustle. This ride happens underneath a laser music extravaganza at night. You get a 360 degree vista of the neon city that never sleeps, while participants also enjoy a special overhead psychedelic light show.


USA - Flightline Safari, San Diego

USA - Flightline Safari, San Diego Most of us are fascinated by wildlife. World famous and most respected San Diego Zoo Wild Animal Park nurtures animals in appropriate natural surroundings. Visitors are able to view the wildlife on foot or from 650 feet above the park. It’s done from a zipline that spans 470 feet. It’s a popular experience and riders are fitted with helmet cams that record a permanent memoir of your ride.


Hawaii - Haleakala Skyline Tour, Maui

Hawaii - Haleakala Skyline Tour, Maui Imagine soaring high above the earth. Imagine if the height is even more elevated because the site is en route to the top of Haleakala Crater, thousands of feet above land and clouds. This location is the dream of zipline tours and riders. There are five cables that give an awesome view of forests and trails in a unique spot in spectacular Hawaii.


USA - Zip Adventures, Vail

USA - Zip Adventures, Vail Perhaps one of the most breathtaking ziplines is across six cables stretched high over the wild waters of the Colorado River. Surrounded by the magnificent Rocky Mountains, you are driven in a 6-wheel military-style vehicle to the jump-off point. The very short scenic hikes between platforms are an added delight, turning the tour into an unforgettable on and off the ground experience.

I really should try a zipline tour. I’m quite skeptical because I wonder how much you can actually see at the speed you go at. They are, however, incredibly popular so they must be quite an experience. Have you ever been on one? Any of these? Would love to know what you think.

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What about the one in maturities it was so beautiful

Did ziplining on Maui, it was great! Seven lines, over two miles, and great guides. We would definitely do it again!

zip line is so much fun i did it Mexico while i was on a cruise. so much fun you really should try it.

Oh well .

What about the zip line in Puerto Rico?

Zip lining in Vegas ? Sweet ! 👍✅💟✅💟✅✅✅✅✅💸💸💸💸💸

The one in North Wales needs to be added its the largest in Europe, and I think, the Northern hemisphere. It is located at the top of an old quarry and spans a mile in 50 seconds over s beautiful lake and stunning landscape :).

I went to the one in Costa Rica it was soo beautiful and stunning i would definitely go there again!!!

Zip lining in Antigua!

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