7 Handy Travel Accessories for a Worry-free Vacation ...


7 Handy Travel Accessories for a Worry-free Vacation ...
7 Handy Travel Accessories for a Worry-free Vacation ...

I am a big fan of handy travel accessories since I became a news reporter straight from college. Then I fell in love with travelling to places and countries so having handy travel accessories became a necessity to me. I don't want to spend most of my vacation time worrying if my important documents are safe or if my medicines are all mixed up. Here are seven travel accessories I found online that will help you achieve that worry-free vacation:

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Eagle Creek's Undercover Money Belt

Eagle Creek's Undercover Money Belt This money belt promises fast access to your valuables (e.g. keys, money). Its zippered pocket gives the owner peace of mind and assurance that important documents are secured. This is the perfect ally as you go around various tourist spots taking pictures as you are free of bag straps. Definitely in my list of handy travel accessories!


Skip Hop Zoo Travel Blankets

Skip Hop Zoo Travel Blankets When my kids have good sleep, I rest better. All mothers understand what I am talking about. When we travel, I make sure that I bring along blankets for the twins so they can be comfortable wherever and whenever their nap decides to come a calling. This one is a recent favorite because of its versatility. The pouch with the blanket inside can be used as a pillow, and that makes this product more adorable!


Patagonia Transport Tote Bag

Patagonia Transport Tote Bag I shared before that I didn't purchase any baby bag when the twins were born. I use my backpack or my monster shopping bag to function as a baby bag. But for long trips, I definitely need a bag that allows me to organize my things as well. I own a 14-inch netbook and finding this tote bag online just answered my need for a bag that could hold all my things and my netbook. It has a water bottle pocket too making it easier for me to re-hydrate during those long trips that require much walking and intense weight-lifting.


Pacsafe anti-Theft Hip & Shoulder Bag

Pacsafe anti-Theft Hip & Shoulder Bag As this can be worn as a hip pack or a shoulder bag, this gem of a travel accessory practically saved our important documents while travelling around Europe. I won't go into the details but you know how good pickpockets and thieves are. This bag's benefits are worth more than its price. The shoulder strap is slashproof too! I didn't know until my husband reread the product information that its "RFID safe pocket" blocks identity scanners from accessing your personal information on RFID chips that scammers retrieve from your ID and credit cards." Cool!


Kipling Creativity Small Pouch

Kipling Creativity Small Pouch This small pouch comes in a variety of colors but I always pick the brighter color because it makes it easier for me to distinguish them when they are inside my tote bag. I use this for my beauty essentials. It's water resistant so you don't have to worry about what happens to your girly stuff if your water bottle accidentally spills.


Hadaki Multitasker Pouch

Hadaki Multitasker Pouch Twice a year, our family go on two-week to one-month-long trips to anywhere that we like to visit. Admittedly, at the end of the trip, there are wet or dirty items (especially clothes) which need to be packed. We seek refuge in this pouch because frankly, plastic bags can't do the job effectively.


Vera Bradley Travel Pill Case

Vera Bradley Travel Pill Case I bring all sorts of medicines - tablets, capsules and pills - when we travel, just in case. I also take my daily vitamins so it is important for me to have a handy pill case. This one is just so pretty that I can't ignore it and helps me remember to take my vitamins every single day... even when a full itinerary calls for skipping breakfast

Any more travel accessories that you recommend?

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Thank you for this. I like Eagle Creek's Undercover Money Belt. I have one but it's about to give up.

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