7 Cities to Visit in Australia for Girls Who Love to Travel ...


7 Cities to Visit in Australia for Girls Who Love to Travel ...
7 Cities to Visit in Australia for Girls Who Love to Travel ...

Heading to Australia soon but not sure where to go exactly? Well, hopefully this list of amazing cities and just a few of their attractions can help you decide! 😄 🙂 ✈️ 🌏

Living right next to Aussie in New Zealand I'm so lucky to be able to go across the ditch every now and again, exploring a number of these great cities as well as recommending them for anyone thinking of travelling here! Keep reading for just a few of my own personal suggestions and recommendations 🙂 ✌️ ❤️ ✨

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landmark, bridge, city, skyline, cityscape, From peaceful walks around the beautiful Yarra River to the buzzing Queen Victoria Market, Melbourne has it all for girls who love to travel! You'll have never seen so many shops and department stores, so remember to take some spending money! Funnily enough, I was back in Melbourne just last week (one of my favourite cities, by far!) so I can honestly say that it's a must-see city for anyone visiting Australia!



Brisbane, skyline, city, geographical feature, metropolitan area, Brisbane is the city to go to for anyone who loves hitting the beach and lying in the sun during a hot Aussie summer! If this isn't really your thing, though, why not explore the stunning City Botanic Gardens or the totally cute Koala Sanctuary, or even the Wheel of Brisbane for fabulous city views from above? Don't forget there's also fun theme parks to visit like Sea World, Movie World and Wet & Wild! 🎡 🎢 🎠



Sydney Harbour Bridge, Sydney Opera House, sky, landmark, structure, For anyone travelling to Sydney, you simply must take a trip to the iconic Sydney Opera House to see all of its beauty in person! Other things to do includes taking a dip in the very well known Bondi Beach, looking at an amazing view from Sydney Tower or hitting The Rocks for a bit of shopping!



coast, aerial photography, sport venue, bay, archipelago, Any animal lovers simply must add the Noosa National Park to their must-see list where you can spot cute and cuddly Koalas all around the area! Alternatively, you can enjoy some great music festivals at the Big Pineapple or head to Lake Cootharaba for fishing, camping and even water-skiing!



Perth, skyline, horizon, city, geographical feature, Visiting Perth soon? You must go see the Aquarium of Western Australia for views of amazing marine life! Other things to do in Perth include Swan Valley - a sun soaked winery - or John Forrest National Park for hiking, mountain biking and even gorgeous views of a few waterfalls!

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geographical feature, landform, coast, sea, bay, Want to know a bit more about Australia's heritage? Head along to the South Australian Museum which will tell you everything you need to know! Then if you're feeling tired, have a sit down and enjoy a picnic in the stunning Victoria Square along with various events and activities in the heart of the city!



property, swimming pool, estate, resort, marina, Come and relax on the soft sands of Darwin's popular Mindil Beach before heading off to be right in amongst nature at George Brown Darwin Botanic Gardens! Alternatively, visit the Museum and Art Gallery of the Northern Territory to learn about fossils and maritime history!

Do you agree with my list of amazing cities to visit in Aussie? Do you have any others to add to the list? Comment below and let me know! ⬇️⬇️ 😘

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@toni it's a good thing that Sydney is such an amazing place to visit that it doesn't really matter where you go does it? Whether you visit Bondi, Manly, another beach or another place, you're still going to get to see the beauty of Sydney

@Kranti I wouldn't be fussed where I go in Sydney, to be honest. I'd just be grateful that I had the chance to go there in the first place

Newcastle is great too if you want quiet cafes and beautiful ocean baths.

i wouldnt bother with bondi beach. there are far better beaches all around sydney. you would be better off taking the ferry to manly. you get a "harbour" cruise then walk along the corso (a street name) to manly beach.

@toni..I completely agree with you...manly is way better than bondi

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