7 Crater Lakes of Outstanding Beauty ...


7 Crater Lakes of Outstanding Beauty ...
7 Crater Lakes of Outstanding Beauty ...

I like crater lakes mainly because one, it’s an adventure climbing a volcano to see them (even if the volcano is long extinct) and two, they tend to be small enough to get the maximum out of a reasonably short visit (although there are some pretty large volcanic lakes too). Their general compactness doesn’t make them any less scenic than free land lakes and you should never feel short changed on a visit to any of these crater lakes.

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Nemrut Lake, Turkey

Nemrut Lake, Turkey If you fancy yourself as a bit of a geologist then these are the crater lakes of all crater lakes due to the fascinating temperatures. The caldera of the Nemrut volcano is home to two lakes. If you venture down close to them you will notice that one lake is cold water, where as the other has a temperature of about 60 degrees centigrade. These unusual lakes draw in hundreds of tourists and geologists, along with keen photographers.


Crater Lake, Oregon

Crater Lake, Oregon Located in Oregon, USA, Crater Lake (talk about an obvious name!) is the ninth deepest lake on the planet with a depth of 595 meters. This lake was formed after the Mount Mazama collapsed many years ago, leaving a deep crater filled with crystal clear waters. There is also a legend which surrounds this lake. The Klamath tribe are said to have witnessed the mountain Mazama collapse and form the lake. They say there was a battle between Skell the Sky God, and Llao the God of the Underworld. The legend goes that Mount Mazama was destroyed in the battle. Klamath people used the lake in vision quests, and were said to have spiritual power if they succeeded in their dangerous quest.


Blue Lake, South Australia

Blue Lake, South Australia Crater Lakes always look beautiful and this one is stunning throughout the seasons. If you take a visit in the winter you will see the grey surface, where as in the summer the lake is a bright blue – whatever color the sky is! The color changing lake is around 75 meters deep and spans 1087 meters by 657 meters. No reason has been determined as to why the lake changes color, so see it as magical and enjoy it all the more.


Lake Nyos, Western Cameroon

Lake Nyos, Western Cameroon With crater lakes being so rich in minerals, and are the subject of breathtaking photos, the dangers of the lakes can sometimes be forgotten. The locals around Lake Nyos however, know the dangers which surround their lake. The inactive volcano which Lake Nyos sits on leaks fumes now and again. However beautiful this lake may be to see it is one of the few lakes which is saturated with carbon dioxide.


Ojos Del Salado Lake, Argentina-Chile

Ojos Del Salado Lake, Argentina-Chile This is the highest of all volcano lakes. This lake resides on the top of Ojos del Salado which is an amazing 6,390 meters high. The late is 100 meters wide, and has a depth of around 5-10 meters. This natural lake is magnificent as it is located at a high altitude, making it one of the wonders of the world.


Manicougan Lake, Quebec Canada

Manicougan Lake, Quebec Canada Manicougan Lake is known as the ‘Eye of Quebec’, and is famous for being a fresh water reservoir. This one of the few crater lakes not the work of a volcano; it was actually formed 214 million years ago from the impact of an asteroid. This 1942 square kilometer lake is best seen from a satellite view, where you will also be able to see the island of Mount Babel in its centre.


Lake Vico, Lazio Italy

Lake Vico, Lazio Italy This picturesque crater Lake is located in central Italy and is the attraction for many tourists. This lake is the highest of all Italian lakes, sitting at 510 meters. The volcano lake is surrounded by a unique green forest and scenic hills. Vico is also the home of a legend which will capture any tourist’s interests. It is said that Hercules defied the locals to pick up his club, but when no one could, he picked it up himself and under his club the Crater Lake was formed. If you are a keen photographer, like spotting wildlife, or just looking for a romantic break and some fresh air then this lake is the one which cannot be missed.

Crater lakes are pretty and photogenic and anyone that enjoys water features and scenery will appreciate them. Ave you visited any?

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