Delicious Destinations for Girls Who Love Chocolate ...


Delicious Destinations for Girls Who Love Chocolate ...
Delicious Destinations for Girls Who Love Chocolate ...

If you love chocolate where are the best places for you to indulge in this sweet treat? Answer – some fabulous destinations all around the world!

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Cadbury World – United Kingdom

Cadbury World – United Kingdom Visit the home of the British institution that is Cadbury’s Dairy Milk chocolate. You can tour the factory and visit a museum that tells you about the history of Britain’s favorite chocolate, plus a huge gift shop and treats along the way!


Rausch Chocoland – Germany

Rausch Chocoland – Germany This Berlin based café and shop is famous for its incredibly decorated and intricate creations, including a huge chocolate volcano and a chocolate replica of the famous Titanic!


Angelina – France

Angelina – France A former favorite of iconic figures like Coco Chanel and Marcel Proust, this café is known for its amazing African hot chocolate, said to be the best hot beverage in all of Paris.


Museum of Cocoa and Chocolate – Belgium

Museum of Cocoa and Chocolate – Belgium Belgian chocolate is revered the world over, and you can learn all about the history of the country’s relationship with the sweet treat at the museum, complete with a traditional chocolate making demonstration.


Amedei – Italy

Amedei – Italy Located in the Chocolate Valley of Tuscany, Amedei is one of the world’s most loved and respected chocolatiers, and you can visit for a tour and a tasting session with a group of friends.


Chocolate House – Luxembourg

Chocolate House – Luxembourg This is one of Luxembourg’s most popular cafés serving cakes, pastries and their signature chocolate spoons. You absolutely cannot leave without sampling the apple strudel hot chocolate!


The Chocolate Train – Switzerland

The Chocolate Train – Switzerland The reputation of Swiss chocolate is quite rightly unprecedented, and this delightful chocolate train takes guests on a picturesque journey through the countryside that culminates in a delicious tasting session.


Chocolate Theater – Austria

Chocolate Theater – Austria This awesome factory is home to a chocolate theater, a cocoa cinema, interactive fun games and most importantly of all, an unlimited supply of free samples for you to enjoy!


Museu De La Xocolata – Spain

Museu De La Xocolata – Spain One of Barcelona’s most unique visitor attractions, you get to purchase a ticket which is edible and then walk around an exhibit of incredible statues and sculptures, all made out of chocolate!


Landeau Chocolate – Portugal

Landeau Chocolate – Portugal A true Lisbon landmark, this café serves one thing and one thing only, a rich, amazing, decadent chocolate cake that is craved the world over! You can pair it with an espresso if you want true indulgence.


Geiranger Sjokolade – Norway

Geiranger Sjokolade – Norway This is the place to visit if you are interested in unusual chocolate flavor combinations. Did you ever think you would be able to try a square of blue cheese chocolate!? If all else fails, their signature hot chocolate is a touch more traditional.


The Shop – Cambodia

The Shop – Cambodia This amazing place specializes in combining classic Cambodian flavors with the very best quality Belgian chocolate. A really interesting mix of culture that produces some delicious treats.


100% Chocolate Café - Japan

100% Chocolate Café - Japan This Tokyo café is pretty much the holy grail of chocolate pilgrimages for sweet-toothed foodies in Japan. With 56 different varieties of chocolate on offer, you can spend all day in there and not eat the same thing twice!


Laurent’s Café and Chocolate Bar – Singapore

Laurent’s Café and Chocolate Bar – Singapore You would expect a chocolate café in Singapore to bring out some of that amazing Asian fusion, and one of the most popular products at Laurent’s is their unique green tea chocolate bar.


Bamboo Chocolate Factory – Bali

Bamboo Chocolate Factory – Bali This cool chocolate factory is located inside the largest commercial bamboo structure in the world. Visitors can take a tour of the wonderful sustainable farm before sitting down to a delicious tasting session.


Graycliff Chocolatier – Bahamas

Graycliff Chocolatier – Bahamas Connected to the Nassau Graycliff Hotel, this high quality producer of coffee and chocolate runs activities where you and your friends can make your very own chocolate bars. Homemade is always best!


Boucan – Saint Lucia

Boucan – Saint Lucia This is a luxurious boutique hotel that is owned by the Hotel Chocolat company, and guests can indulge in a number of amazing activities like cocoa-themed spa treatments and a complete ‘tree to bar’ chocolate making experience.


Mayordomo – Mexico

Mayordomo – Mexico Another pilgrimage type visit, as Oaxaca City is the historical birthplace of hot chocolate! This is your chance to sample a signature chocolate shake in a special place in chocolate history.


La Loma – Panama

La Loma – Panama This is an amazing jungle lodge that is literally situated among a grove of real chocolate trees. You can experience the entire manufacturing process from growing to harvesting, and can enjoy some of the local produce in a range of interesting dishes at the dedicated restaurant.


Mamuschka – Argentina

Mamuschka – Argentina The Argentinian town of Bariloche is absolutely filled with chocolate stores, and Mamuschka is definitely the most well-known of them all. Their dulce de leche filled chocolates are some of the most popular in the entire country!


Bed and Chocolate – Canada

Bed and Chocolate – Canada Cocoa West in Bowen Island BC, is a chocolatier that specializes in herb infused chocolate creations, and you can book a luxurious stay in their chocolate suite where you will be treated to a variety of sweet sensations.


Chocochicken – USA

Chocochicken – USA For those who like a little savory with their sweet, a restaurant that makes delicious fried chicken that is served with a unique but delicious side of chocolate ketchup!


Savour School – Australia

Savour School – Australia This is a cookery school just outside of Melbourne that is dedicated to the fine art of chocolate making and chocolate craft. Visitors can learn how to make praline and biscuits, as well trying their hand as things like sculpture and chocolate flowers.


The Silky Oak Chocolate Company – New Zealand

The Silky Oak Chocolate Company – New Zealand Visitors to Silky Oak can enjoy an educational ‘Chocolate Thru The Ages’ tour before being treated to some of the company’s signature sweet creations.


The Chocolate Boutique Hotel – United Kingdom

The Chocolate Boutique Hotel – United Kingdom Book a stay at the Chocolate Boutique Hotel if you want to experience amazing things like a huge chocolate fountain and a large variety of ‘choctails’ at the dedicated chocolate bar!


Mary – Belgium

Mary – Belgium Founded in 1919, Mary has long been regarded as one of the leading chocolate shops in all of Belgium. ‘Mary Pralines’ should be the first thing on the wish list of any visitor, as well as their delicious marzipan creations.


Chocolate for Your Body – USA

Chocolate for Your Body – USA Something a little different to finish with, this Chicago based establishment offers things like chocolate massages and chocolate body wraps if you want to take your appreciation for the sweet food to a whole new level!

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Of course the U.S. would have the weirdest ones...

This post is frickin awesome !! It includes every chocolate paradise from all over the world

I want to visit them all!

These all look so good

I'm from Oaxaca, Mexico and I can totally tell you that our chocolate it's amazing

Brussels is so good for chocolates yummy!!

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