Life Hacks for Modern Day Nomads ...


Life Hacks for Modern Day Nomads ...
Life Hacks for Modern Day Nomads ...

Being a digital nomad is more than working from a beach cabana in front of your computer. To successfully travel around there are strategies to maintain security and productivity.

Living minimally while enjoying full functionality and comfort is an art. Whether you're a seasoned traveler or new to this lifestyle, it is always a great idea to stay in the loop of current life hacks for digital nomads.

Let's review five important hacks to keep you on a good track:

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Life Hack #1: Buy Cheap Travel Insurance

Parachuting, Air sports, Jumping, Sky, Atmosphere, Wherever your travels take you, get travel insurance. Then, you'll be confident to hike up that mountain, ride that scooter in Vietnam, or go island hopping. You want to avoid being that person that has to call friends and family to come to the rescue.

Insurance companies now make tailored travel insurance policies for digital nomads.


Life Hack #2: Find Functional Accommodations

Luxury yacht, Yacht, Vacation, Tourism, Summer, As a digital nomad, you'll find that settling in one spot serves to boost your productivity and gives you some much-needed rest from traveling. Find a place that is equipped with everything you would have at your own place. Instead of renting a hotel room, try short-term rentals. You'll likely have access to a kitchen which means you can save significant cash by cooking at home instead of eating out. Furnished apartments are available for rent on a short-term basis through Zeus Living and similar services. Explore the area, live like a local, and enjoy a quiet space to work before heading out your next destination.


Life Hack #3: Join Digital Nomad Groups on Social Media

Swimming pool, Sky, Fun, Water, Leisure, Do you want to have a group of like-minded people back you up when you need something? Share answers, stories, resources, advice, and much more by joining a digital nomad group on your favorite social media platform. The possibilities are endless of what you can find. Traveling solo can get lonely. You can even find a date, help with your WiFi issues, or your next gig. Networking and socializing don’t only have to happen in person.


Life Hack #4: Unlock Your Phone

Arch, Holy places, Landmark, Architecture, Building, Before you go out of the country, be sure to call your cell phone service provider to unlock your phone. It is very important to travel with a working phone that can make international phone calls, it is a matter of safety. By having an social media platform, you'll be able to easily buy a SIM card anywhere in the world. You cannot rely on the local WiFi, especially if you're visiting an undeveloped country. A SIM card allows you to connect to the 4G network. Be sure to ask for a travel-friendly plan from your provider before you set sail.


Life Hack #5: Join Freelance Platforms

Vacation, Sea, Sitting, Water, Turquoise, Finding steady work can be a challenge for most digital nomads. One way to help you overcome this hurdle is by creating profiles on various freelance platforms. You can find short-term or long-term jobs and even one-time assignments. The more platforms you use, the more exposure you'll have to the virtual job market. You can keep a location independent lifestyle, most platforms are global and don't require you to be in a certain country. These sites help you stay organized with your invoicing and allow you to contact clients that are actively looking for freelancers.

Living the life of a digital nomad is full of new experiences, and of course, challenges. Hopefully, these life hacks help guide you on your journey. Once you are traveling full time you'll develop your own strategies for staying safe and productive.

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