7 Marvelous Beaches of the Middle East ...

The beaches of the Middle East never seem to get the attention they deserve. The coastlines in this part of the world are as equally beautiful as anywhere else but unfortunately, the politics of the region often deter beach tourism on any grand scale. If you were thinking that this region is mainly desert and magnificent ancient ruins, think again. Take a look at these lovely beaches of the Middle East.

1. Ras Tanura, Saudi Arabia

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Few people give thought to the natural beauty of the Persian Gulf. Usually associated with oil tankers and the Gulf War, this part of the world is actually pretty gorgeous and plenty of the best beaches of the Middle East are along its shoreline. Like Ras Tanura in Saudi Arabia, for example. And like many of the best Middle East beaches, it is privately owned. One of the great advantages of this, especially when they are owned by corporations (usually oil companies), is that during weekdays they are often deserted. You get the pristine silky white sand that is fringed with tropical foliage and decorated with palm frond umbrellas and the vivid turquoise, crystal clear water practically to yourself.

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