7 Gloriously Scenic Road Trips in New England ...

You always hear that the best time for road trips in New England is the fall. Yep – you sure can’t argue that it is one of the most spectacular places when it is dressed in its seasonal finery, but that clothing is just that – dressing on what is gorgeous scenery, no matter the season. So don’t think the top eastern corner of the US is just for fall; road trips in New England are perfect anytime.

1. Acadia National Park Loop, Acadia National Park, Maine

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This 27-mile loop is one of the most spectacular road trips in New England. Park Loop Road is the primary road through Acadia National Park on Mount Desert Island. A fee is required. The loop begins near the Hull’s Cove Visitor Center, and most of the road is one-way. All along the route there are special pull-out areas where you can pull over, and take in the scenery. Special parking areas are located near Sand Beach and Thunder Hole, among others. Sand Beach is just 300 yards long, but intimate and inviting. A lifeguard is on duty from Memorial Day through Labor Day, and there are changing rooms and restrooms available. Thunder Hole is spectacular when the right size wave comes in, causing a huge splash and thunderous boom.

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