7 Seas to See on Your Travels ...


7 Seas to See on Your Travels ...
7 Seas to See on Your Travels ...

With more than 70 per cent of the Earth being water, there are plenty of seas to see on your travels. Most of us go on a seaside holiday, enjoy the beach and swimming in the water, but do we really even think about the sea that is a source of fun, enjoyment and relaxation. Next time you take a trip, take a little more notice of the seas to see on your travels.

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The Mediterranean Sea

The Mediterranean Sea The ancient Romans branded this turquoise sea with its name, which is derived from the Latin word, mediterraneus, meaning “middle of the Earth”. Like most waterways, the Mediterranean was a port of trade, and the background for numerous battles between those conquering new territories and defending existing ones. The Mediterranean Sea, almost entirely encompassed by land, was the center of life for the Roman civilization, playing an extraordinary role in their culture, as well as countless other ancient cultures throughout history. As Hegel, the German philosopher, said, “For the three quarters of the globe, the Mediterranean Sea is similarly the uniting element and the center of World History.” This sea’s history, as well as its translucent aqua green beauty, makes it number one on my list of seas to see.


The Baltic Sea

The Baltic Sea If you’re looking to see a sea in solid form, at the annual max, the Baltic Sea is exquisitely ice-covered for about 45% of its surface area. A typical winter sees the Gulf of Riga, the Gulf of Finland, the Gulf of Bothnia, the Stockholm archipelago, Väinameri in the Estonian archipelago, and the Archipelago Sea of Finnish territorial waters all iced over. Not only can you go ice fishing on the Baltic, but the gorgeous cracked surface makes for extraordinary photographs. The Baltic has served its bordering countries with not only fish, but amber, along its southern shores. Trade across the Baltic has traditionally included fur, hemp, wood tar, flax and lumber. Iron and silver has also been exported from Sweden since medieval times.


The Caribbean Sea

The Caribbean Sea The Caribbean Sea is best known for its beautiful crystal waters, its incredible islands, and, of course, its history of piracy. It acquired its name from the 15th century Caribs, one of the native groups in the area for which the Europeans first came into contact. In the process of navigating a route to Asia in 1492, Christopher Columbus was one of the first to sail across Caribbean waters. Once the islands were discovered, they were immediately swarmed by several Western cultures, who colonized the area and set up a number of trading routes across the sea. The prosperous trade of course brought pirates, as well as an adventurous, romantic (and, often times, scandalous) history. Today, the 22 island nations that make up the Caribbean are well-established and renowned resorts.


The Red Sea

The Red Sea It cannot be said exactly why the ancient Greeks called the Red Sea by this name, but two theories are plausible. One theory is that a red-colored bacteria blooms near the surface of the sea seasonally. A second is that mineral-rich red mountains surround the sea with their vivid red landscape. But when you visit the sea, you may be surprised at the clarity of its waters, as the sea boasts some of the most transparent in the world, with a visibility often of a few dozen meters, making it popular with snorkelers. The sea is also one of the warmest, topping out at 32 degrees.


The Black Sea

The Black Sea Surrounded by Europe, Anatolia and the Caucasus, theories of the Black Sea’s namesake varies between countries. Although all call it the “Black Sea,” some say that the name was borne from the depth of its waters; some say the Black Sea derived its name from the storms that often settle over it; while, still others say that, being as the color, black, was related to the direction, North, in ancient times, the sea is called the Black Sea, because it lies north of Turkey. The most popular theory though is that the hydrogen sulfide layer at the bottom of the sea is home to a microbial cluster which creates black sediment, giving the sea its black shade. Regardless of its namesake, the Black Sea is a dark beauty and a must-see.


The Andaman Sea

The Andaman Sea Off the northeastern Indian Ocean lies the Andaman Sea, whose namesake, the Andaman Islands, are located in the west. These islands have a fierce history, being first inhabited by cannibalistic tribes. Ninth century geographers of the Arab world first produced the name “Andaman” on their maps; but the name may be credited to the Malays who used to sail to the Andaman Islands in order to capture Aborigines to sell as slaves. Traditionally, this sea has been utilized for fishery and trade between its coastal countries, while today its extraordinary coral reefs and stunning islands bring bountiful tourism to the area.


The Arabian Sea

The Arabian Sea Bound by the Arabian Peninsula to the west, India to the east, and Iran and Pakistan to the north, the Arabian Sea’s geographical location off the Indian Ocean is the reason for its namesake. As with many of the above-mentioned seas, the Arabian Sea provided trade routes during ancient times, connecting the northeast area with China, Southeast Asia, India and Africa. Caravans of cargo struggled day-in and out across robber-infested deserts in order to make it to the coast of the Arabian Sea. Though the beauty of the Arabian Sea lies with its mysterious and mythical tales of the Arabian Nights, today the sea provides a robust shipping route, via the Suez Canal, between Europe and India.

Which is you favorite of these seas to see on your travels or can you take or leave them?

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I actiually live near the mediterrean sea and i've seen a great part of it and it's juat adorable .....

You should have added the Dead Sea :)

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