7 Stunning Natural Tree Tunnels around the World ...


7 Stunning Natural Tree Tunnels around the World ...
7 Stunning Natural Tree Tunnels around the World ...

If you have a love of beautiful things and nature lifts your spirits, you are so going to love these tree tunnels. Trees in themselves are pretty awesome but when they are planted and trained, or even grow naturally this way, to create a tunnel, they become magical. Tree tunnels are also very romantic. Check out these beauties.

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Yew Tunnel, Llangathen, Wales

Yew Tunnel, Llangathen, Wales This is a mystical and magical tunnel of ancient yew trees that started out as a natural wonder and has been slowly cared for over the years. Located in the Aberglasney Gardens in Camarthenshire, Wales, it is now one of the most protected tree tunnels in the UK because people often want to take a bit home.


Autumn Tree Tunnel, Stowe, Vermont, USA

Autumn Tree Tunnel, Stowe, Vermont, USA The tunnel in Smugglers Notch State Park, Vermont looks simply amazing during fall when the trees turn golden shades of brown, red, orange and yellow. It is also reminiscent of so many movie scenes and yet it is hard to nail down which movies this scene has been used in. it feels as if the tree tunnel has been used in numerous movies, but the only confirmed one I could find was the lackluster movie “Stay Alive.”


Tunnel of Love, Kleven, Ukraine

Tunnel of Love, Kleven, Ukraine It's sweet, it's romantic, it’s a great place to get a lover’s photograph and a great place to propose. It used to be a train rail section, which is why after it was abandoned the trees took on such an interesting shape. There are times of the year when there are no better romantic spots.


Wisteria Tunnel, Kitakyushu, Japan

Wisteria Tunnel, Kitakyushu, Japan This is a flower walkway that is located in the Kawachi Fuji Garden and you may be unsurprised to learn that it is man-made. It is through the work of expert gardeners that this piece of botanical art is one of the top tree tunnels in the world.


The Dark Hedges, Ballymoney, Northern Ireland

The Dark Hedges, Ballymoney, Northern Ireland If you are not simply stunned by the look and effect of the Dark Hedges tree tunnel in Northern Ireland, then you haven’t seen enough horror movies. The way the trees have grown is simply amazing and gives you a new respect for what nature can do on its own.


Cherry Blossom Tunnel, Bonn, Germany

Cherry Blossom Tunnel, Bonn, Germany The beauty of this place is obvious as soon as the petals start to bloom. What is more amazing is when a light breeze takes the petals and allows them to flutter down like a barrage of sweet smelling confetti. The great thing is that nature is mostly responsible for these trees existing, and it just happens that the city planners took them into account when building around them. The weather and climate is also ideal so that these trees are not wind stripped branches for most of the year (as cherry blossom trees are in other parts of the world).


Bamboo Path, Arashiyama, Japan

Bamboo Path, Arashiyama, Japan This is one of the most well known tree tunnels in Japan, but not because it is a fantastic 500 meter long path of bamboo, but because the sound it produces when the wind blows through it is unique. It is located in the western outskirts of Kyoto and has been designated as a ‘place of scenic beauty’ by the Japanese Agency for Cultural Affairs, which means it is not going anywhere soon and should be around for people to enjoy for generations.

I love tree tunnels – even the dark ones with a sense of foreboding are fascinating. The trees that burst into amazing colors to create kaleidoscopic tunnels are simply gorgeous. Have you ever visited any of these tree tunnels or others? Is there one near you worth a mention?

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Fantastic views



What a marvelous collection of scineries

ganda naman

Tree tunnels in a rubber estate when there is a thunderstorm are awesome!

If only I could have the means to visit Japan. I love their place. Maybe only in my dreams

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