7 Hip Places Every New Age Traveler Should Visit ...


7 Hip Places Every New Age Traveler Should Visit ...
7 Hip Places Every New Age Traveler Should Visit ...

The word hippie may not be used with much prevalence these days but the culture is still alive and kicking, and there are very definitely some places that every new age traveler should visit to experience the best of it. The best hippie destinations are marvelous in their own right, but they are places that every new age traveler should visit because they are full of color, excitement, and the bohemian attractions and festivals.

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El Bolson, Argentina

El Bolson, Argentina Nestled at the foot of the Piltriquitron Mountain in Argentina lies a small yet vibrant community, famed for being the premier hippie headquarters of Patagonia. El Bolson is one of the most exciting places every new age traveler should visit in their lifetime with its colorful hippie culture past and lifestyle still evident everywhere. Stunning snow-capped mountains, lush surroundings and the most beautiful panoramas make this stunning base of tranquility one of the ultimate hippie destinations. Wander through the arts and crafts markets and enjoy live music festivals with a brilliant hippie atmosphere.


Goa, India

Goa, India Perched on the golden shores of the Arabian Sea, one of the ultimate places every new age traveler should visit is Goa in India. One of the premier hippie destinations from the start of the flower power culture back in the '60s, Goa is every image come to life that you do not associate with the steamy cities of India. Carnivals, festivals and all night parties under the moonlight, cashmere sands, sparkling azure waters, gentle swaying palms, art festivals, the iconic Goan Carnival, museums and cultural centers, all infected with a true-bohemian spirit, make this a virtual paradise all throughout the year.


Tulbagh, South Africa

Tulbagh, South Africa Famous for its huge earthquake that brought a small farming town to its knees in the '60s, Tulbagh is a small community in South Africa just a few hours away from the city of Cape Town. Now home to the most Heritage Monuments in one street anywhere in the world, the town rebuilt itself to its former glory and is now a thriving community of eclectic community members. Many farming families continue to work and live here on multi generation farms – South Africa gets a whopping 70% of all its plums from this valley alone. But the area has also attracted a community of artists, photographers and creatives who have made their home in the valley. Magnificent culture, magnificent wineries and an abundance of very interesting people are what continue to make this one of the hottest places for new age travelers to visit.


Chefchaouen, Morocco

Chefchaouen, Morocco Chefchaouen in Morocco is in the northern region of the country not far from the Straits of Gibraltar. The unique and breathtaking architecture is a huge part of the attraction for tourists who flock to this quaint old area which is painted vibrantly in bright blue colors. This little slice of Morocco is an intensely fascinating arty portal with many stunning shops and galleries selling an abundance of beautifully handcrafted wares, gifts and goods. The stunning surroundings of the Rif Mountains make it the ideal destination for outdoor lovers and hikers.


Christiania, Denmark

Christiania, Denmark What can only be described as a region built on the concept of the free mind, an ambient, intensely creative and colorful interpretation of the liberated Danish soul can be found in this intriguing little region. With a collection of locals including artists, poets, retired people, intellectuals, free thinkers and a massive yoga community, Christiania is a stunningly different place to visit in eastern Denmark. Lots of the buildings and houses are brightly decorated and there are plenty of very strange buildings decorated to within an inch of their lives – but it all works beautifully. Close to the city centre of Copenhagen, Christiania is one of the essential places to go if you are a new age traveler.


In Christiania, freedom isn't just an idea—it's the very fabric that weaves this community together. From the quirkily painted homes to the bohemian markets, every corner exhales creativity. Engage with the local scene through music festivals, art galleries, and impromptu jam sessions. If spiritual growth is your quest, the vast yoga and meditation retreats here will feel like uncovering hidden treasures. This isn't just a neighborhood; it's a state of mind that echoes the call for a life less ordinary.


Kathmandu, Nepal

Kathmandu, Nepal Right in the heart of the mountainous center of Nepal brings you to the magical city and capital of Kathmandu. Long touted as one of the ultimate destinations for new age travelers, Kathmandu is a region seeped in history and religious sites with evidence of its Buddhist mantra everywhere. The valley is an arts and culture haven and there is an abundance of sculptures, Buddhist carvings and stone statues, temples, palaces, museums and art galleries, making this one of the most unique and spiritually-uplifting destinations in the world.


Inle Lake, Myanmar (Burma)

Inle Lake, Myanmar (Burma) Myanmar, previously known as Burma, is one of the most incredible destinations in the world for any traveler. Inle Lake is just south east of Mandalay and sweeps some 22 km in length. For centuries, the lake has been the home to many native tribes who have existed in virtual anonymity – cut off from the Western world until recent years. Local tribes still live off and on the lake, trading their home grown wares on the water in their floating market, fishing using traditional methods and getting on with their day to day lives. There is now a small tourism boom with guest houses and B&Bs popping up everywhere – ideal for visitors to experience the magic of a world trapped in time. Inle Lake is making a strong play as one of the destinations for new age travelers and is rapidly increasing in popularity.

You don’t have to be a hippie to appreciate these places. They are among the places every new age traveler should visit, but their atmosphere, culture and experience can be enjoyed and appreciated by anyone. Where will your bohemian soul lead you?

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Oh wow this is an awesome list! I love traveling but don't do much at the moment... I'm too young but I would really love to visit some of these places! What an awesome list! Thank you!

Hornby island, British Columbia.

Hippie town undoubtedly

Ilove traveling

I used to live very close to Chefchaoun, it's a magical place. I'm Moroccan and I honestly think it's a very traditional place, they have Local Hotels that are amazing ! They're like a Moroccan house inside it's very pretty there !!

This gives the travellers itch

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