7 Christmas Destinations for a Well-deserved Vacation ...

If you're planning to travel over the holidays, you might want to bear in mind the following places as your Christmas destinations. They're not exactly cheap, but if you have some cash to spare to get out of the house and do some holiday travel, then these places will offer more than just the regular Christmas carols. Instead of throwing a dart at a world map, here are some suggestions for your Christmas destinations as you spend your Happy Holidays this year:

1. Hawaii

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Hawaii is one of those Christmas destinations where you'll just be content to sit down and watch the world go by. Get ready to pound down those hard-earned airline frequent flyer miles and pack your stuff pronto as you surf next to Santa at Waikiki Beach. With great hotels, fantastic food, and an endless summer, Hawaii is a perfect place to unwind this Christmas holiday. Oh, don't forget to practice saying "Mele Kalikimaka" (that's Hawaiian for Merry Christmas)!

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