8 Breathtaking Views from an Airplane ...


8 Breathtaking Views from an Airplane ...
8 Breathtaking Views from an Airplane ...

Views from an airplane are definitely the reason for a window seat (as well as not having your elbow whacked with every pass of the drinks trolley). Being able to survey the earth below from 30,000 metres up in the sky can be truly amazing – unless of course you’re flying over thousands of miles of open ocean. Cityscapes, islands, towering mountains, snow covered peaks, winding rivers and shimmering lakes can all be seen with this bird’s eye view. Although looking out of the window of a plane will never be the reason for taking a flight, some of the views available to passengers whilst taking off and landing can be a truly spectacular bonus to their journey. Here are 8 Breathtaking Views from an Airplane not to be missed.

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St. Maarten

Sint Maarten International Airport, on the island of Sint Maarten in the Caribbean is in one of the most beautiful locations in the world and has one of the best views from an airplane anywhere. The runway starts just a few hundred feet from shoreline of St. Maarten and has water on two sides with hills to the rear. The airport serves the Dutch part of Sint Maarten as well as several of the surrounding islands. It has become a local tradition for people to wave from the beach as the planes fly over, very close and very quick!


Mammoth Lakes

Even though Mammoth Yosemite Airport only opened to commercial aircraft in 2008; it already has a reputation as one of the most thrilling arrivals and views from an airplane anywhere in the world. Depending on the time of day and the weather conditions, the contrast of the Sierra Nevada mountain rock, backlit bright white snow and dark clouds is breath taking.


Hong Kong

A completely different view from an airplane is provided from arriving or departing from Hong Kong airport; the thrills here have been made by men rather than nature but are no less inspirational in their own way. So many passengers have said that the approach seems slow motion like, approaching over the sea, with numerous huge and very high sky scrapers looming ahead. The contrast between old and new is laid out for all to see; traditional ferries crossing between Kowloon and Hong Kong down below whilst the neon lights of the ultra modern, cosmopolitan high rise city are just ahead.



Most long haul flights land at Heathrow airport in London in the early hours of the morning and the view from an airplane as it descends reveals green pastures, then suburban homes and lastly the historic and instantly recognisable landmarks of the English capital is truly awesome.



One of the most beautiful views from an airplane anywhere can be seen coming into land at L.F. Wade International Airport. The island comes into view as an unexpected oasis appears in a desert with the deep blue sea slowly becoming a paler turquoise as it meets the long, white beaches. The colourful vista continues with multi coloured pastel houses with bright lime stone roofs and the deep greens of the surrounding hill sides.



Landing at Aspen is a highly challenging experience for pilots; however, for the passengers it provides a uniquely spectacular view from an airplane. Looking out of the windows of the plane, it is hard to believe that there is an airport huddled in and between the trees and some of the tallest mountains in America.


New York City

Recent changes to aviation legislation mean that nobody except the pilot and co pilot are allowed in the cock pit at heights of below 10,000 feet. Prior to that, flight attendants would queue up for the chance to be on the flight deck whilst a plane was coming in to land at NYC. Now the crew have the same view from an airplane as the passengers, and that’s still pretty good. The approach is low, right the way along the Hudson River and with the iconic city skyline clearly in vision right the way to touching down on the runway.



Despite the proximity of Aruba to other islands, it is completely different and anybody who has ever taken a flight to or from Aruba would be able to identify it just from the view from an airplane window. The island is so dry that it looks almost like a desert and provides a stunning visual contrast to the deep blue of the Caribbean ocean. The planes come in low, and seem to hover over the sparkling sea and the coast line before taking their turn on the single runway which starts right at the edge of the water.

Seeing what beauty awaits as you arrive is a great start to your vacation and can sustain you through the hassle of waiting interminably at the luggage carousel, the queue for customs and the journey to your vacation accommodation. Of course, the frisson of seeing it as you leave just isn’t the same! Undoubtedly there are other panoramic spectaculars to rival these 8 Breathtaking Views from an Airplane coming in to land but the ones I’ve chosen are all more than worthy of their top billing.

Have any views from an airplane left a lasting impression on you?

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Bangkok is also amazing, I landed there in the night, and we were flying over the city for like half an hour because we didn´t have the permission to land yet.

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