7 Fabulous Countries for Train Travel ...

By Alison

7 Fabulous Countries for Train Travel ...

Which are the best countries for train travel? Traveling by train may be a slower way of getting around, but it gives you a chance to see something of the country and its scenery. And for some travelers that's precisely the point - a train trip is a journey and vacation in one. Here are some of the best countries for train travel enthusiasts to visit …

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Canada One of the best countries for train travel has to be Canada. This vast, beautiful country is perfect for gazing at from a comfortable train. Given its size, it's hardly surprising that there's a route to suit all tastes. You can see the Rocky Mountains, travel up the coast, visit beautiful lakes or even the Columbia icefield. Canada is the perfect country if you love wilderness.



Scotland Scotland may be built on a much smaller scale, but it still offers some delightful train trips that will appeal if you want a shorter journey. The Royal Scotsman is one of the most famous trains in the world, if rather expensive. Harry Potter fans will enjoy the route across the Glenfinnan Viaduct that featured in Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets.



India With the most extensive railway network of any country, and a hugely varied landscape, India is a must for train enthusiasts. We've all seen the images of people packed onto trains and sitting on the roof, but there are also luxury trips. Could there be a better way of traveling around this stunning country?


Trans-Siberian Railway

Trans-Siberian Railway The Trans-Siberian Railway has long been a favorite among train enthusiasts, and is one of the most famous train trips in the world. There are various routes that enable you to visit countries as diverse as Mongolia and China. The full route covers more than 6,000 miles and crosses a massive eight time zones. You can stop off at Lake Baikal and Ulan Bator.


The Trans-Siberian Railway is the longest railway in the world, stretching over 9,000 kilometers and connecting Moscow to Vladivostok. It was built between 1891 and 1916, and is still in operation today. The journey takes approximately 7 days to complete, and passengers can choose from different classes of cabins, ranging from budget-friendly to luxurious. Along the way, travelers can experience the vast and diverse landscapes of Russia, from the bustling cities to the remote Siberian wilderness. The train also passes through several important landmarks, such as the Ural Mountains and the Great Wall of China. This iconic train journey is a must for any train enthusiast or adventure seeker.



Japan If you're the speed freak of train lovers, then you'll want to travel on the famous Shinkansen bullet train at least once in your life. Japan is also good for those who prefer their trains to run on time! Like other countries, you can buy a rail pass and travel around the country, although the Shinkansen only connects major cities.

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Switzerland Glacier Express

Switzerland Glacier Express Another country for those who like punctuality mixed with their scenery is Switzerland. Every Swiss route offers stunning views. Try the Glacier Express, which travels from Zermatt to St Moritz in seven hours. It's ideal if you don't have the time to dedicate to traveling Canada's huge distances!



US The US is perhaps best known to travelers as a destination for road trips, but it's also fantastic for train journeys. There are so many possible routes and stop-offs, but one of the most famous is the California Zephyr. The Zephyr links Chicago and San Francisco, and as well as visiting these two amazing cities you can also see the Sierra Nevadas and the American side of the Rocky Mountains.

So why not book a train trip and take a leisurely journey through some stunning scenery? You could also meet some really interesting fellow travelers! It's sure to be a memorable trip. Which country would you most like to see by train?

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Sri Lanka - Kandy to Badulla...lovely hill side view!

Train ride through the valleys of Shimla and Dehradun In India is beautiful

What about the South African blue train?

The train I saw in Mumbai I wouldn't dare travel on by myself😂😂 it was pretty scary

I've taken the Canadian tour from Toronto to Vancouver. It was an expensive 5 day train ride but worth every penny (or should I say Loonie)