7 Fabulous Reasons to Visit Costa Rica ...

There are plenty of excellent reasons to visit Costa Rica. This Central American country with a coastline on the Caribbean and the Pacific is actually quite a surprise package. Did you know it doesn’t have an army, because it says it doesn’t need one? Of course, this isn’t one of the reasons to go to Costa Rica - we’re looking for something way more exciting than that. And, excited you will be because this is a glorious, beautiful, unexpected, charming country. Let’s take a look at just 7 Fabulous Reasons to Visit Costa Rica:

1. The Climate

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The weather is always something we consider when choosing our vacation. Beautiful weather is definitely one of the reasons to go to Costa Rica if you’re heading for a beach vacation. The country has a very varied geography which gives it lots of micro climates but on both coastlines you can expect two seasons – dry and rainy – also known as High Season and Green Season. Generally speaking, high season is December through April.

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