7 Wonderful Winter Eco Resorts ...


If you like snow sports and you have a conscience about the environment, undoubtedly winter eco resorts will be of interest to you. It’s great to know that while you are swishing about the slopes on your skis or turning your favorite tricks on your trusty snowboard, you aren’t doing any damage to our fragile environment, but where are the best winter eco resorts? Let’s take a look at a few.

1. Kolarbyn Eco-lodge, Sweden

Nestled alongside Skärsjön Lake in Sweden, Kolarbyn Eco-Lodge is one of the innovative new winter eco resorts consisting of 12 wooden huts. Each hut is outfitted with only the most primitive technology and furnishings, allowing visitors to truly connect with their natural surroundings. Simple wooden platform beds and fur blankets make up the sleeping arrangements. With no electricity, sleeping by candlelight, chopping wood for fire and cooking outdoors are all part of the Kolarbyn experience. The challenging environment is not only environmentally friendly, but is educational as well. In addition to the accommodation, the resort has plenty of hiking trails and other outdoor activities to offer.

Huilo-Huilo Biological Reserve, Chile
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