7 Reasons to Travel to New England in the Winter ...


7 Reasons to Travel to New England in the Winter ...
7 Reasons to Travel to New England in the Winter ...

Traveling to New England in the winter is something that so many people do. The slopes, the snowboarding, Quincy Market all lit up right in the heart of a great city; it's a great time of year! New England in winter is not all about beauty though, there are actually things that you can do in all of the tiny states there. Below, I've got some of the top reasons to travel to New England in the winter time, so skip the Aruba vacations girls and come to Vermont for snowmobiling or New Hampshire for skiing!

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Ski Slopes in New Hampshire

Skiing is not something that can be found everywhere and it's not something that is great when it is on fake snow. You need the real stuff and that's why New England in the winter is so great. Skiing in New Hampshire is by far the best – especially on Loon Mountain. Loon Mountain has the best ski resorts and some of the best slopes out there. You want great skiing? Head to New Hampshire.


Historic Bed & Breakfasts in Boston

I'm sure the first thing that you think about when it comes to Boston is history right? Well, why not be part of that history and stay at classic and historic B&B's in Boston? You can keep warm by the fire and curl up with some hot cocoa! My favorite bed and breakfast to stay at is The Bertram Inn. It was built in 1907 and it's really a great piece of history – right in the heart of Boston!


Snowmobiling in Vermont

Vermont is the place known for snow. I swear, every winter in New England, Vermont is the state that gets hit the most. That is great news for the snowmobilers out there right? There are so many great places to rent a cabin, grab a snowmobile and take off. Stowe, Killington and Okemo are just a few of my favorite places to snowmobile.


Dog Sled Throughout New England

Now, you probably wouldn't think of dog sledding anywhere but Alaska right? Wrong! Winter in New England allows for dog sledding throughout all of the small states. My favorite place though is in Maine. Maine is so pretty in the winter and with all of the woods in the tiny state, it really allows for you to unplug and get away from the everyday.


Ice Skating in Boston

Just like New York's Rockefeller Center, Boston has The Boston Common Frog Pond! This tiny little rink is packed all winter and it is absolutely one of the best attractions out there. It's right on Beacon Street, in the heart of Boston. It's one of the very special gems and jewels that makes Boston so attractive in winter.


Log Cabins in Maine

Remember when I talked about unplugging and really getting away from reality? That's exactly what Maine can do for you. This incredible state has all sorts of log cabins that really lets you step away from the computer, your email and even your phone and just enjoy being out in the wilderness.


The Sights

Finally, the last reason that New England in the winter is the best is because of the sights. Whether it is Boston with all of the twinkly lights or Vermont with all of the snow and beauty of the scenery. New England in the winter is totally beautiful and worth the drive!

So girls, do you plan on traveling to New England in the winter? Where do you plan on going? Give up the details in the comments below!

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