7 Reasons to Travel to New England in the Winter ...


Traveling to New England in the winter is something that so many people do. The slopes, the snowboarding, Quincy Market all lit up right in the heart of a great city; it's a great time of year! New England in winter is not all about beauty though, there are actually things that you can do in all of the tiny states there. Below, I've got some of the top reasons to travel to New England in the winter time, so skip the Aruba vacations girls and come to Vermont for snowmobiling or New Hampshire for skiing!

1. Ski Slopes in New Hampshire

Skiing is not something that can be found everywhere and it's not something that is great when it is on fake snow. You need the real stuff and that's why New England in the winter is so great. Skiing in New Hampshire is by far the best – especially on Loon Mountain. Loon Mountain has the best ski resorts and some of the best slopes out there. You want great skiing? Head to New Hampshire.

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