7 of Many New York Bridges to Cross ...


7 of Many New York Bridges to Cross ...
7 of Many New York Bridges to Cross ...

The New York bridges must be among the most overlooked attractions in the Big Apple. New York is one of the world’s greatest cities and it is packed with so many things to see and do that often, the things that help it function and do what it does, to make it what it is, just sit there, happily existing for many years, grateful for those times when the tourist spotlight falls on them. Did you know that there are more than 2,000 New York bridges and tunnels? I’m certainly not suggesting you should pay attention to even a fraction of them, but there are 7 New York bridges that are easily included in a tour itinerary.

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Brooklyn Bridge

Brooklyn Bridge Brooklyn Bridge is the perfect place to soak in a picturesque view of the Lower Manhattan skyline. Apart from that, it is also the most famous of the New York bridges for a number of reasons. When you walk on the bridge, you will be walking on the longest suspension bridge of its time and back then, the only bridge connecting Manhattan and Brooklyn. The bridge also features in movies such as The Dark Night Rises, I Am Legend and The Avengers.


Manhattan Bridge

Manhattan Bridge One of the modern New York Bridges, this one takes you directly into Chinatown as you enter Manhattan. The bridge features a separate walkway and bicycle path both of which are perfectly safe to use. As for the view, you’ll not only be able to see the Brooklyn Bridge and the Manhattan Skyline from here, but will also have a view of the Statue of Liberty from a distance. The bridge includes subway tracks so it can be a bit noisy as well but other than that, it’s a must visit when you are in New York.


Bow Bridge

Bow Bridge Not all the bridges of New York span the rivers or connect the boroughs. Bow Bridge is one of the famous landmarks of Central Park. The cast iron bridge built in 1862 is another favorite spot of moviemakers. The walkway is made of ipe wood, which turns into a shade of red when it’s raining. It's a perfect spot for lovers, and especially for proposals.


Verrazano-Narrows Bridge

Verrazano-Narrows Bridge Connecting Fort Hamilton to the New York borough Staten Island, Verrazano-Narrows Bridge is famous for being the starting point of the New York Marathon. It was built in 1964 but in 1969, an upper level was added to it making it a double-decked suspension bridge. It has the longest bridge span in the Americas at 4,260 feet but the sad part is that there is no pedestrian or bike path. If you want to enjoy the view from the bridge, you can do that from a car or if you don’t have one, on a bus crossing the bridge.


George Washington Bridge

George Washington Bridge Connecting New Jersey to New York City, the George Washington Bridge has a length of 4.760 feet and gives a wonderful view of the Hudson River. The bridge has not only room for 14 lanes for traffic but also a nice pedestrian/bikeway. The 3 in 1 experience means you’ll get an awesome view of Manhattan, Jersey and the Hudson River all from one place making it one of the best tourist bridges in New York.


Queensboro Bridge

Queensboro Bridge Queensboro Bridge connects Long Island City in Queens to the Upper East Side of Manhattan. The bridge has a pedestrian path, bike path and a roadway. In addition, you will find a tramway line at the north side that will take you to Roosevelt Island. If you've watched Spider Man, the chances are you have already seen it in the movie.


Williamsburg Bridge

Williamsburg Bridge Located northeast from the Manhattan and Brooklyn Bridges, the Williamsburg Bridge connects the Lower East Side of Manhattan to the Williamsburg neighborhood of Brooklyn. It has a span of 7,308 feet so the ideal way to cross it is either on a bike or on car. If you do have the courage to walk, you’ll definitely take in some beautiful views of both Manhattan and Brooklyn!

I must admit on my few trips, I haven’t paid much attention to the bridges of New York. Researching them has given me a greater appreciation and if I ever get the chance to pay another visit, I won’t be ignoring them. Do you think they stand as worthy symbols of New York?

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