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7 Essentials of Dressing for a Flight ...

By Neecey

So much of being comfortable while you travel comes down to what you choose to wear, which is why getting the essentials of dressing for a flight down pat will make the whole airplane experience easier. You want to be comfortable, so mastering the art of dressing for a flight means taking all sorts of things into consideration including the temperature changes and limited seat and cabin space.

1 Layers

Just because you are boarding the plane at one temperature does not mean it will stay so all the way to your destination. It can turn cold overnight and at the location you arrive in it can be completely different again. If you wear layers then you can take things off and put them on as you need to. Dressing for a flight is about being sensible in your choice of thin, lightweight layers that you can take off or put on as the temperature fluctuates and as you pass through various micro-climates. Also, if you are clever with your layers you save room in your luggage!

2 Breathable Fabrics

If you wear breathable fabrics you will arrive at your destination feeling fresh and comfortable. The ideal fabrics will be linen, silk or cotton i.e. fabrics that allow air and moisture to pass through. Natural fabrics are always best but there are some really good man-made fabrics that are good too such as treated polyester which is designed to be “moisture-wicking”.


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3 Support Socks or Tights

I know these aren’t sexy but there are times when health is more important than looks and if you’re traveling in pants/trousers (like most of us do) they won’t be seen anyway. Deep vein thrombosis can be fatal and is not just a concern for pregnant women. If the flight is classed as long haul then compression leg wear should be worn. These items help to keep the blood circulating and prevent clots forming.

4 Sensible Shoes

It is not just a matter of comfort while on the flight but also ease when going through security. You will want shoes that you can walk around in but also ones that are easy to take on and off when you are being searched. Heels should be out completely and the softer the fabric of the shoe the better. What to wear for a flight should be common sense, but when it comes to shoes many people will choose style over sensible footwear every time. Don’t be one of them! You might have to contend with swollen ankles, so your newest pair of to-die-for stiletto calf length boots with zips and straps just won’t cut it as travel shoes.

5 Pockets, Pockets and More Pockets

I personally don’t prescribe to this, but it is one of the common tips of dressing for a flight that is always given. The idea is that clothing with lots of pockets means that you can have all of your valuables with you, and it also frees up valuable luggage space. Again these items are not going to be fashionable but are ideal for keeping your valuables all in the one place. If you don’t have an item especially designed for this, go back to layers and a couple of pockets in each item will soon add up. My personal opinion is that this is more hassle than it’s worth and also takes away some of the comfort factor. Filled pockets can be bulky and take up valuable space when you’re in your airplane seat. Unless you’ve got a penchant for a safari type pants suit with a load of pockets, I’d stick with putting your valuables and other bits in your hand luggage!

6 Hang Loose

Clothes that are too tight are not only going to be uncomfortable but can leave you open to the risk of DVT. Clothes that are baggy and flowing are the order of the day when flying and this goes for tops, dresses and trousers. This is not the time for skinny jeans, tight –cinched waists, high collars or anything that restricts your movement or makes you feel like a trussed up turkey.

7 Fashion is Allowed

While safety and comfort should come first there is no reason why you can’t also look stylish. You don’t have to give up your own sense of style when dressing for a flight – just apply the rules to your existing wardrobe and make sensible choices. This will not only make you feel better, but when airlines offer free upgrades they are likely to go to well dressed passengers.

Don’t stress about what to wear for a flight – it’s generally a matter of common sense. Plan your travel clothes when you are organizing your trip wardrobe because if you are following the rules about dressing for a flight and packing for holidays you’ll know they are inter-related. I know of people who travel in clothes they wouldn’t consider wearing during their vacation which seems kind of a waste to me – it’s not smart use of valuable luggage space

How do you dress for a flight? Are you a sloppy-joe comfort girl or do you prefer to look your best in a stylish fashionable ensemble?

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