9 Amazing Things I Love about New York City ...


9 Amazing Things I Love about New York City ...
9 Amazing Things I Love about New York City ...

If you've never, ever been to New York City, you've got to take a trip; I recently was sent to New York City for my corporate job and there are so many things I love about New York City, I had to narrow it down a bit! This was my first trip to the city ever and I loved every minute of it. New York City is a different place. It's so unique, so different and there are so many things I love about New York City that I had to make a list of my faves! Take a look and then share some of your favorites!

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The Nightlife

The Nightlife One of the things I love about New York City is the fact that nobody ever, ever sleeps! I swear, I had a view of Times Square from my room and it was crazy! Not only were people still wandering around at two o'clock in the morning, but everything was still open. Right around 4am is when everything starts to close and wind down, and it's a beautiful time in New York. Have you ever tried to stay up and see it?


Restaurant Row

Restaurant Row There are so many different restaurants in New York City. I was in love with restaurant row, which is right near Times Square. B. Smith's is definitely a must-do when you are in New York! The Southern-inspired dishes are absolutely incredible and the prices aren't unreasonable at all! Give it a try.


The Hours

The Hours No matter what hour it is, there is something in New York City open. I have a huge problem where I live in Peabody, MA, which involves finding a CVS that is open 24-hours, but in NYC – everything is open and typically doesn't close until 4:00am (remember the nightlife?). That's a huge plus when you are craving Chinese food at two in the morning!


All of the Attractions

All of the Attractions Oh girls, the attractions in New York are endless! From Central Park, to Ellis Island to Times Square. There is something for everyone and there truly is a never ending supply of things to do and things to learn. I went on The Ride bus tour all around the city and hit up a bunch of attractions and I loved it!


The Beauty

The Beauty Whoever said the concrete jungle is not pretty has never been there. Broadway is packed with performers and all sorts of actors and actresses just taking a smoke break before their next set. Times Square is filled with beauty that you've never seen before. There is always something going on, lots of action and it is super busy. The iconic Brooklyn is the perfect place to catch a slice of pizza and a ride around Central Park is enough to allow you to really take in the beauty of this city.



Broadway I actually had the pleasure of staying at both the New York Marriott Marquis and the Renaissance Times Square and I've got to tell you, both of these beautiful hotels are right along Broadway. The plays, the ins and outs, the beauty of Broadway are all things you've got to see for yourself. Whether you are hitting up Cinderella on Broadway or you are going to slip into one of the many independent comedy shows, you've got to see this particular street.


Central Park

Central Park A lot of people give Central Park after dark a bad name, but it is truly one sight to see in the day and night time. A walk around Central Park in the daytime will lead you to light patterns that you couldn't imagine anywhere and this is a park that is designed to get you lost. The night time is filled with people, movies in the park and horse-drawn carriages. It's a magical place to be.


Street Performers

Street Performers If you've ever lived in NYC, you are probably sick of the street performers interrupting your day constantly, but if you are a tourist, you find them enchanting, you find them totally different and unique. From the Naked Cowboy in the heart of Times Square all the way to the people who break out in the middle of the sidewalk and dance – we, the tourists, thank you for your service!


The Village

The Village Finally, the last stop that I had on my trip to New York was The Village. This place was amazing. The restaurants are beautiful and homey, the people are so nice and I just felt very, very accepted here. If you want a place that will take you in and treat you like family, The Village is the place to go!

Now that you know all of my favorite things that I saw in New York City, what are some of your favorite things? Have you ever been to any of these places? Share your experience!

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Lived there all my life before coming to live in Michigan. It's quite different but I respect all areas around the world. Everything is meant for something. I miss it though and I wouldn't mind going back and visiting

I agree, thanks I love New York

What corporate job lets you travel? I would love that!

I'm from australia, went to new york for christmas in 2010 - loved every minute of it! Went with my parents and sister, was a great trip. Will have to go there again, but with my man someday there's still so much i want to see!

I've been to new york and ot was amazing! I have only been there one time because it takes 12 hours with plane to get there , i'm from norway

New York is one place I would love to visit again. It should be on everyone's Bucket List. BTW I was in the Twin Towers two days before it went down. I Remember the Staff.

I adore NYC! It's my favourite city place on the planet! I missed so much on my first visit but am coming back in 2015!!!!

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