43 Iconic Sights of London for a Visitor's Itinerary ...


43 Iconic Sights of London for a Visitor's Itinerary ...
43 Iconic Sights of London for a Visitor's Itinerary ...

There are so many iconic sights in London that you could easily spend two weeks in this fabulous city and still not see everything you want to see. The iconic sights of London are known worldwide and for jolly good reason.

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Leadenhall Market

Leadenhall Market Via Leadenhall Market, London

The city's markets are among the great attractions of London. The markets are extremely numerous and are all around the city. Most are known for their one outstandingly unique feature - either for its location or the goods it sells. Leadenhall is a beautiful cobblestoned market right in the heart of the city. If you've an eagle eye, you will spot Leadenhall market as being one of the filming locations for Diagon Alley.


Guards at Buckingham Palace

Guards at Buckingham Palace Via Old Guard March out of ...

You don't have to wait for special occasions to experience the pomp and circumstance of London's traditions. The Changing of the Guard at Buckingham Palace takes place daily.


Big Ben

Big Ben Via Things That Amaze Me

Big Ben in all its glory and one of the most iconic sights of London. Did you know the tower is actually The Elizabeth Tower - renamed from St. Stephen's Tower in honor of Her Majesty's Diamond Jubilee in 2012. Big Ben is actually the bell in the tower.


Buckingham Palace

Buckingham Palace Via Buckingham Palace, London, England

The gates open onto the most famous residence in the world, alongside the American White House. Oh what history those gates have opened onto.


Buckingham Palace is the official residence of the British monarch and a popular tourist destination in London. Built in 1703, it has been the home of the British royal family since 1837. It is located in the City of Westminster and is surrounded by beautiful gardens and parks. Inside the palace, visitors can admire the grand State Rooms, which are lavishly decorated with artwork and furniture from the Royal Collection.

The Changing of the Guard is a popular attraction at Buckingham Palace. The ceremony takes place at 11:30 am every day in summer and every other day in winter. During the ceremony, the old guard is relieved by the new guard and the band plays a selection of military music.

The Palace also houses the Queen's Gallery, which hosts a variety of art exhibitions. The Royal Mews, a working stable, is also open to the public, as is the Queen's Gallery Shop, which sells souvenirs and gifts.

Buckingham Palace is a must-see for anyone visiting London. It's a great way to experience the history and grandeur of the British royal family, as well as to explore the city's many attractions.


Westminster Abbey

Westminster Abbey Via Westminster Abby, London England

As well as being a normal functioning church, the abbey is the home of practically every coronation of the King/Queen of England (and later Britain) since William the Conqueror. It is the burial place of most monarchs and also the site of the majority of the royal weddings.


Tower Bridge

Tower Bridge Via Tower Bridge at Dusk

This is the bridge that has to open to allow tall ships to pass through.


Liberty & Co

Liberty & Co Via Liberty & Co. Store on ...

Liberty has anchored Regent Street since 1875. The luxury goods department store is instantly recognizable for its Tudor frontage.


Camden Market

Camden Market Via Camden Lock Market 027

Camden Market is one of the most eclectic markets in London. It is spread out across Camden Lock and in old buildings and is a definite shopping destination not to be missed.


Isabella Plantation, Richmond Park

Isabella Plantation, Richmond Park Via All sizes | Isabella Plantation, ...

Richmond Park is one of the city's eight Royal Parks and the largest. It is a conservation area and is known for its herd of deer as well as its stunning natural beauty. There's a fantastic view of the city from King Henry's Mound.


Peter Pan Statue

Peter Pan Statue Via The boy is back in ...

London is packed with statues. There are great figures from British history and there are fictional figures that have become household names - such as Peter Pan, which stands in Kensington Gardens.


10 Downing Street

10 Downing Street Via baenk.com

The most famous front door in the World. Home of the UK Prime Minister.


The Thames

The Thames Via Worldwide Tour & Travel - ...

The great river is the lifeblood of London.


Palace of Westminster

Palace of Westminster Via Westminster Spikes & Shadows

Many of the places to visit in London are wonderful Gothic buildings, including The Palace of Westminster - more commonly known as the Houses of Parliament.



Soho Via Le pouce-pouce de Soho

By day or night, there's always something happening in Soho. This West End district is home to Theatreland, Piccadilly Circus and tons of nightclubs and restaurants.


Trafalgar Square

Trafalgar Square Via London. Trafalgar Square. Londres

Trafalgar Square is one of the unmissable places to visit in London. It's hugely photogenic with its Lions by Edward Landseer, Nelson's Column and its fountains. Thousands gather here to see in the New Year.


Piccadilly Circus

Piccadilly Circus Via Piccadilly Shops, Department Stores and ...

The bright lights of the West End and let's not forgot the statue of Eros in the center, which is not seen in this photograph.


London Black Cab

London Black Cab Via London Photography, fine art photograph ...

Surely one of the most recognizable vehicles in the world.


London Eye

London Eye Via All sizes | London Eye ...

Since 2000, the London Eye (originally known as the Millennium Wheel) has been one of the newer iconic sights of London. It offers fabulous views across the city.


The Sherlock Holmes Museum

The Sherlock Holmes Museum Via London 18-08-2012

As well as some of the most amazing museums in the World, there are lots of little boutique museums in the city.


Queen's Walk

Queen's Walk Via Top 10 Most Magnificent Perspectives ...

There are various areas along the north and south embankments for a stroll, all offering scenic views.


The Reading Room, British Museum

The Reading Room, British Museum Via a quieter storm

You could happily spend a week in the British Museum and the Reading Room is incredible.


The Gherkin

The Gherkin Via Places & Spaces

Modern skyscrapers sit side by side with ancient city


Double Decker Bus

Double Decker Bus Via 60's London Bus

The red double decker bus is one of the iconic sights of London. Sadly these old style hop-on, hop-off are no longer in service.


The Natural History Museum

The Natural History Museum Via Welcome to Flickr - Photo ...

The Victorians had a love of history and a thirsty curiosity for just about anything and this spawned some incredible museums.


St. Paul's Cathedral

St. Paul's Cathedral Via st pauls and rain

This is the south entrance so you can't see those steps over which Lady Diana Spencer's bridal train swept on her way to marry Prince Charles in 1981.


The Weather

The Weather Via * b o n * ...

It doesn't matter what the weather is doing, there's always a magnificent view to be enjoyed.


St. James's Park

St. James's Park Via St. James's Park Swans & ...

Another of the Royal Parks. The view shows Horse Guards and Whitehall in the background.


London Tube

London Tube Via Europe

The black cab. The double decker bus. The tube. Even the forms of transport are among London's iconic sights.



Harrods Via Lets all Rule Brittannia with ...

Everyone has to visit Harrods - even if you can only afford a carrier bag!


Tower of London

Tower of London Via Jewel house

the Tower of London - aka The White Tower - must have the bloodiest history of any building in the UK. Today there are no prisoners and no beheadings. There are ravens, Beefeater (Yeomen of the Guard), few ghosts and the Crown Jewels, which are kept in the Jewel House pictured above.


Oxford Street

Oxford Street Via Close your eyes and dream ...

London's (and probably the UK's) première high street.


Hyde Park

Hyde Park Via My Fotolog

A huge green space in the city. Home to sporting events, concerts and festivals, Speaker's Corner, the Serpentine Lake and the Serpentine Art Gallery.


Royal Albert Hall

Royal Albert Hall Via Around Round

A magnificent concert and entertainment venue and home of the Proms.


Neal's Yard

Neal's Yard Via lizzieparker.wordpress.com

Tucked away just up the road from Covent Garden tube station, Neal's Yard is a darling little alley/square of boutique shops - mostly "new age" in feel.


Platform 9 3/4

Platform 9 3/4 Via Nerdy Things.

Yes King's Cross has a tribute to Harry Potter!


Syon Park

Syon Park Via Welcome to Flickr - Photo ...

You don't imagine a stunning country house including a huge conservatory in large grounds just off the West End (it's in Chiswick).


Street Art

Street Art Via Blam

Let's not forget that London is a modern, living, breathing city full of expression.


The Shard

The Shard Via architecture

The city's newest, tallest building is already one of the iconic sights of London.


Marble Arch

Marble Arch Via Places I have been

The arch stands on the same spot as Tyburn Tree, the site for the city's hangings.


Greenwich Observatory

Greenwich Observatory Via The British Traveler

Home to the clock (On Shepherd's Gate) that signifies GMT.



HMS-Belfast Via Historic ships | Exploring London

The ship is permanently moored on the Thames near Tower Bridge and is now a museum. It serves a reminder of British naval power.


Covent Garden

Covent Garden Via Covent Garden

Once the city's central produce and flower market, Covent Garden is now one of the great tourist destinations in the city. The piazza is lined with restaurants and there's usually plenty of street entertainment to be enjoyed after you've browsed the shops in the covered walkways and the craft market.



London Via Welcome to Flickr - Photo ...

And finally!

"Why, Sir, you find no man, at all intellectual, who is willing to leave London. No, Sir, when a man is tired of London, he is tired of life; for there is in London all that life can afford."
— Samuel Johnson

I had joyful times in the three periods I lived in London (totaling 15 years) and I never struggle to find an excuse to pay a visit. I love it. Have you visited London or is it on your wish list?

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I'm pretty certain that it not a picture of Greenwich Observatory but actually The National Maritime Museum in Greenwich (itself a really good place to visit). The Observatory is on top of a massive hill in Greenwich Park (not far from The Maritime) that is a killer for the unfit to climb (but worth the views!)

The whole of the U.K. Is on my bucket list!

How I wish my dream of visiting London would come true

I work in London and always am looking for new places to visit. I know most you mension But there are a couple of hidden places you mensioned that i have not been to. I want to also point out the old style hop-off busses have been re commisioned and made, so there are new ones in service!

It always has to be in the wish list since I cannot afford to visit it...sad🙄

Great stuff! Only that I didn't see Blackfairs Bridge!!!!!!

You forgot so many things like the Cutty Sark at Greenwich and East Street aka the Lane on Walworth Road SE17, home of Charlie Chaplin.. Greenwich Market..Blackheath.. Thames South Bank.. The O2.. Canary Wharf.. Borough Market.. The Clink Street museum just off Borough Market.. Elephant and Castle.. The old operating theatre and herb garret museum by Guy's hospital.. Brixton.. Westfield shopping centres.. Surrey Quays and the Docklands.. The Brunel and Pumphouse museums in Rotherhithe SE16, the Thames walk.. Stave Hill and the surrounding ecological park.. Hampstead Heath.. I could go on forever!!

Also, may I note that the old style hop-on, hop-off buses are still in service, just on certain routes.

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