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This Photographer Proves Detroit is Beautiful ...

By Jennifer

The words "Detroit" and "beautiful" don't usually coexist in the same sentence, but photographer Seoung Lee proves they can actually work together quite nicely. His photos capture the beauty of the city in a way that's both revealing and inspiring. Maybe after you see a few of his photos, you'll add "visit the Motor City" to your bucket list.

1 The People Mover

The People Mover

2 The Road

The Road


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3 Sunset


4 Window Display at John Varvatos

Window Display at John Varvatos

5 A Reflection

A Reflection

6 Home?


7 Detroit's Lighthouse

Detroit's Lighthouse

8 The Guardian Building

The Guardian Building

9 Headed in the Right Direction

Headed in the Right Direction

10 Detroit Art

Detroit Art

11 GM Ren Cen

GM Ren Cen

12 Rise up

Rise up

13 Steinway Piano Gallery

Steinway Piano Gallery

14 Cityscape


15 Downtown Sunset

Downtown Sunset

16 Flashing Lights

Flashing Lights

17 High Noon

High Noon

18 An Alley

An Alley

19 The Fillmore

The Fillmore

20 Watch out for Icebergs

Watch out for Icebergs

21 MacArthur Bridge

MacArthur Bridge

22 David Whitney Building

David Whitney Building

23 Comerica Park

Comerica Park

24 Look up

Look up

25 Church


26 Woodward


27 Yes, Another Sunset

Yes, Another Sunset

28 Tee


29 Hart Plaza

Hart Plaza

30 Where is This?

Where is This?

31 Belle Isle

Belle Isle

32 Detroit Encore

Detroit Encore

33 Greektown


34 Shadow Selfie

Shadow Selfie

35 The Red Hook

The Red Hook

36 Strange Weather

Strange Weather

37 Wintergarden


38 Belle Isle

Belle Isle

39 Shinola


40 Let the Light Shine

Let the Light Shine

41 Crossroads

CrossroadsTo see more of Seoung's work, follow him on Instagram at @seoung — and don't forget to add Detroit to your bucket list.

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