39 Colorful Towns to Add to Your Summer Travel List ...


39 Colorful Towns to Add to Your Summer Travel List ...
39 Colorful Towns to Add to Your Summer Travel List ...

The world’s colorful towns are a charm for visitors and photographers. Many of them look like they are the fertile imagination of a child on the rampage with a box of Crayola such as the mixes of bright hues, ice cream shades and subtle tones. I’ve scoured the continents to bring you some views of the world’s most colorful towns.

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Riomaggiore, Italy

Via tears-in-heaven0.blogspot.com

Just one of the beautiful colorful towns of Italy. Riomaggiore is one of the famous "cinque terre" - five towns.


Cape Town, South Africa

Via Bo-Kaap, Cape Town

The whole of the district of Bo-Kaap is colorful - including a row of standout beach huts.


Fenghuang, China

Via Affordable 4 U -

The gorgeous town of Fenghaung in Hunan Province is named for the legendary phoenix.


Guanajuato, Mexico

Via 10 Most Colorful Towns on ...

Colorful towns in Mexico are as colorful as the Mexican people.


Colmar, France

Via Colmar. La casa amarilla.

This little gem is in Alsace and is considered the "Capital of Alsatian Wine".


Willemstad, Curaçao

Via Best Caribbean Photo of the ...

Even in the colorful Caribbean Willemstad stands out. This is Handelskade Quay and it's just as bright and beautiful as the rest of the town.


Old Town, Dubai

Via I Love Dubai

Palettes don't have to be bright to make a pretty picture.


San Pedro, Belize

Via Las Terrazas Resort (Ambergris Caye, ...

Is it any wonder this town on Ambergris Caye is one of the most popular destinations in Belize?


Menton, France

Via pinterest.com

This charming ancient fishing village is nestled against a hillside on the French Riviera near the border with Italy.


Copenhagen, Denmark

Via DSC_5676_7_8.jpg

It isn't just the quay front that is colorful in the Danish capital


Kolmanskop, Namibia

Via Namibia08_Ghost Town_Kolmanskop

Namibia's ghost town. The elements have not yet eradicated the colors of this forming diamond mining town.


Longyearbyen, Norway

Via ωanderlust

They need warm colors this far into the Arctic Circle.


Tenby, Wales

Via Tenby Village by Tam Ryan
One of the prettiest seaside towns in the UK.


Quebec, Canada

Via The old city

The Old Town is more reminiscent of France than Canada.


Prague, Czech Republic

Via The Czech Republic - Prague: ...

The earthy tones are perfect for the Malá Strana (Lesser Town) of Prague.


Raquira, Colombia

Via raquira.net

It's so fitting that this delightful place is known for its crafts.


Landshut, Germany

Via a quieter storm

The bright houses lighten up the narrow cobbled streets.


Mykonos Town, Greece

Via Mykonos alleys part 1 | ...

Just shows you don't need to throw paint around to create a colorful vista.


St. John's, Canada

Via Saint John's. Newfoundland. by Fernando ...

I'm loving that there's a street called Jellybean Row in Canada's oldest city.


Manarola, Italy

Via Spa Gift Baskets | Birthday ...

Oh, so pretty!


Kinsale Ireland

Via Kinsale (Country Cork / Ireland)

The Gourmet Capital of Ireland


Jodhpur, India

Via Color me BLUE

You can see why they call it the Blue City.


Stockholm, Sweden

Via travel-photos-2.tumblr.com

This is a district of the Swedish capital known as Gamla Stan.


Alexandria, USA

Via The Smallest House in Alexandria, ...

This might well be the smallest house in the US. It is just 7 feet wide and 35 feet long. It sits in the colorful Queen Street area.


Chefchaouen, Morocco

Via Añil

The blue streets and houses of this North Moroccan town have been inspiring artists and writers for centuries.


Jaipur, India

Via bloggerpixz.blogspot.com

The Palace of the Winds is just one of the fabulous buildings in Rajasthan's "Pink City"


Buenos Aires, Argentina

Via greatystuff.blogspot.com

The painted houses are the stand out feature in La Boca neighborhood.


Ittoqqortoormiit, Greenland

Via Ittoqqortoormiit VIII

The bright colored houses are a welcome sight through the snows of the bleak winter.


Gdansk, Poland

Via My Fotolog

Typical bright hues of architecture in the ports of Northern Europe.


Istanbul, Turkey

Via perierga.gr

Balat is the old Jewish quarter of one of the world's oldest and most cosmopolitan cities.


Miami, USA

Via 8 Summer Travel Steals

The ice cream colors of South Beach Miami are one of the most recognizable sights in the US.


Valparaíso, Chile

Via Valparaiso, Chile

If you go, you really should check out some of the lengthy steps - they're amazing - so brightly colored. The piano Steps are a particular favorite.


Burano, Italy

Via July | 2011 | Edith ...

Burano is one of the four stunning islands that sit in the Venetian Lagoon.


Tokyo, Japan

Via Shibuya Moving

Shibuya. By day - a normal busy thoroughfare in a shopping district. By night - spectacular


Salvador, Brazil

Via Old City

Pelourinho owes its palette to a cultural revival project. Today, it is a center for the arts.


Taichung, Taiwan

Via streetartutopia.com

This has the most romantic story. The Rainbow Village was created by a former military man - Huang Yung-Fu to prevent his neighborhood's planned demolition. It worked!


San Juan, Puerto Rico

Via Old San Juan by Carey ...

Old San Juan is Puerto Rico's oldest settlement. Luckily, the brightly painted alleys and blue cobblestone streets are subject to strict regulation to preserve them.


Melbourne, Australia

Via fotopedia.com

The brightly painted huts are a major feature of Melbourne's beaches.


Havana, Cuba

Via joshjenkins.ca
Havana’s Old Town is the only place in the world where you can only have a car if it matches your house! (tee hee)

Did you have a favorite among these fabulously colored towns? Have you been to anywhere else you’d recommend?

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And Río San Juan. More rugged though 💕

Beautiful ! Love the colors

They all different experiences. Thank you.

oooo my ❤️❤️I wonder if they r as fun and colorful to b in as they show in the pics 😦

And portmerion too. 😳

Cape Town is great! However, Bo-Kaap doesn't border the beaches, so you might be thinking that the beach huts are in Muizenberg/Simon's Town?

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