9 Fabulous Things to do in UK Parks ...


9 Fabulous Things to do in UK Parks ...
9 Fabulous Things to do in UK Parks ...

UK parks are wonderful places. Even though the country is just a collection of 1 bigger and a few smaller islands, the diversity of UK parks is still considerable. Heather filled glens, lakes, limestone crags, leafy forests, ice capped peaks and rolling hills with rocky outcrops all call for attention. As the weather starts warming up and finally the face of the sun starts to break through in the early morning, people are getting up and about and heading towards the UK Parks. UK Parks offer glorious places to spend a day with your friends or family, just hanging out and enjoying time together. But if you don’t know where to go to first or what to do there, here are 9 Fabulous Things to do in UK Parks.

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Fishing at Loch Lomond

Fishing enthusiasts will be brought to their knees, as the fishing paradise of Loch Lomond is the biggest lake in all of Great Britain (Not the UK – that honor belongs to Loch Neagh in Northern Ireland). Loch Lomond is teeming with sea trout, rainbow trout, salmon and grayling, as well as the toothy pike and the brown trout. Buy a fishing permit, tackle and other gear from the fisheries in the loch, and if you are feeling adventurous, hire a boat and or a guide.


Climbing the Cairngorms

Cairngorms National Park is one of the mountainous UK parks and is a mountain and ice climber’s dream destination. While maybe not an outing for the entire family, and more for an experienced mountaineer, rock climbers can head for the high ground and navigate rugged mountain peaks and conquer vertical summits. Being more than 600m above sea level, the air will literally take your breath away, but for the intrepid explorer, the climbing, hiking and camping opportunities await.


Explore the Lake District

The historic homes in the Lake District offer visitors an enchanting look into the lives and times of wealthy noblemen from years gone by. Visit Mirehouse, built in 1666. Famous local landowners like the poet Wordsworth and other wealthy nobles were regular visitors here. Townend was an historic home that was built in 1626, and visitors can get a good look at just how the wealthy aristocrats used to live all those years ago. There’s also the benefit that the Lake District is one of the most lauded UK parks, with its spectacular lake and mountain scenery.


Caving in the Brecon Beacons

The intricate cave system under the incredible Brecon Beacons National Park is more than 300 million years old and intrepid cave enthusiasts will be in underground bliss. The national park is one of the greatest British Parks and offers a fascinating look at the extravagance of Mother Nature in her underworld caverns below the earth’s surface. If actual caving is not your cup of tea, you can enjoy a guided tour though the well-lit areas of the caves.


Coasteering at Pembrokeshire

Grab a wetsuit, a helmet, a good pair of walking/climbing shoes, a large dose of madness and head out to the Pembrokeshire Coast National Park for some good clean fun and coasteering. A fearless combination of rock climbing, adventure swimming, diving and scrambling, all with the aid of well, not much, and away you go. Cliff dive, swim, wave ride and rock climb through the wild outdoor playground between the water and the rugged coastline. Pembrokeshire is just one of the UK parks in Wales and is a beautiful area of the country.


Boating in the Broads National Park

For all of those visitors in the mood for some aquatic adventure, then The Norfolk Broads is just for you. A free flowing outdoor playground consisting of marshes, lakes, and a massive waterway with no less than 6 flowing rivers and a whole mass of feeder waterways, offers visitors the chance to embrace their inner mermaid or merman. Jump aboard a canoe or kayak and paddle around all the tiny corners of the park, and get a chance to glide silently through nature as you watch the wildlife go about their daily life in the park.


Walk Hadrian’s Wall, Northumberland National Park

The ancient Roman Ruins follow a path that starts at Hadrian’s Wall and heads out to the coast, more than 135km long. Hadrian’s Cycleway offers the same spectacular journey to cyclists and a chance to see what once the world’s greatest empire was. See the big Roman fort, the historic settlement at Housesteads and the Museum at Greenhead showcasing the Roman Army.


Walking in Snowdonia National Park

If you are a hiker or just more of a meanderer, then Snowdonia is simply pure paradise for you. Whether you are after a serious hike or climbing the rugged mountain ranges, or prefer more of a gentle stroll pushing Gran in the wheelchair, you will find something here, another of the UK parks in Wales.


Hang Gliding – South Downs National Park

South Downs is probably one of the most popular UK parks for hang gliders and paragliders. If you have not tried this little adventure out yet, don’t worry, there are instructors that will take you on a tandem glide until you get the hang of it. If you prefer to take in the sites in style, then the ever popular hot air balloon ride will be the one for you. Clink your champagne glass and chug down the bubbly while looking at the plebs below.

UK Parks are renowned for their incredibly scenery and wide open spaces, and some of the parks in the UK offer such a huge variety of outdoor adventure you may just have to come back for more. If you had to pick one of the 9 Fabulous Things to do in UK Parks, which park in Britain would you choose?

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i live in the uk ! the lake district is a must to visit , its beautiful :)

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