8 Fantastic White Water Rafting Destinations ...


8 Fantastic White Water Rafting Destinations ...
8 Fantastic White Water Rafting Destinations ...

Searching for white water destinations means you’re looking for a vacation that is full of thrills and spills. The experience of battling the rushing waters in a glorious setting is still one of the most favorite adventure holidays and there are fantastic white water rafting destinations all over the world.

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Grand Canyon – Colorado River

Grand Canyon – Colorado River As well as probably being the most famous of white water rafting destinations, the 226 miles of white water rafting on the Colorado River is often referred to as one of the best rides in the world. White water rafting in this river ranges from ripples to full scale rapids as it gouges its path through the gigantic Grand Canyon. Along the way you are met with some amazing rock formations and a feeling of awe as you gaze up the sides of the towering cliffs above.


Chile – Futaleufu River

Chile – Futaleufu River The Futaleufa River in Chilean Patagonia is one of South America’s best destinations for white water rafting. Experience an exhilarating ride being thrashed and tumbled through 36 Class IV and V rapids amid a backdrop of spectacular granite cliffs and mountainous scenery. This destination also offers unique accommodation of riverside camps built into the cliff sides with great features such as stone hot tubs and treehouses.


China – Yangtze River

China – Yangtze River China’s mighty Yangtze River is one of the extraordinary locations for white water rafting. Here some of the gorges are twice as deep as the Grand Canyon and although the river is much narrower than the Colorado, the flow is twice as powerful. The intrepid white water rafter will experience thrills of a lifetime paddling past terraced fields and early settlements of stone villages as well as enjoying wonderful mountain views.


India – Ganges River

India – Ganges River The Ganges is considered to be one of the best places for white water rafting in Asia. An ideal starting point for a rafting adventure is Devprayag. It’s near to where two rivers, the Bhagirathi and Alaknanda, meet which forms the Ganges, India’s biggest and holiest river flowing across the plains towards the Bay of Bengal.


Northern Thailand – Mae Taeng/Mae Cham Rivers

Northern Thailand – Mae Taeng/Mae Cham Rivers Thailand is one of the relatively new white water rafting destinations, but it has now become extremely popular as people realize there is more to this magnificent country that the beaches of Phuket. This sport is perfect during their very rainy season from May to October, however it is in the north of Thailand that the rivers are more suitable for a good experience of white water rafting - in particular the Mae Taeng River in Chiang Mai. The Mae Cham River is also another popular destination.


Switzerland – Rhine/Rhone/Arve/Lutschine Rivers

Switzerland – Rhine/Rhone/Arve/Lutschine Rivers The chocolate box pictures of Switzerland do not tend to conjure up white water rafting scenes. But the land of Swiss chocolates, army knives and cuckoo clocks does, in fact, offer great opportunities for this activity and several rivers are great for white water rafting with the added bonus of paddling through some of the most picturesque mountain scenes around. Popular rivers are the Lutschine, Rhone, Arve, Saane and Rhine


Canada – Magpie River

Canada – Magpie River Canada has many brilliant locations for white water rafting, but for a true wilderness experience it is hard to beat the Magpie River. Flowing from the plateau of Labrador in Newfoundland, it eventually flows into the mighty St Lawrence River. Paddle along the many stretches of the river rapids as it surges through vast tracts of virgin pine forests to be at one with nature before making camp under the stars.


Zimbabwe – Zambezi River

Zimbabwe – Zambezi River Leaving the best for last – for adrenaline water junkies, nothing can beat white river rafting on the Zambezi River under the African sun. As you river bounce towards the base of the mighty Victoria Falls, the thunderous noise of the water is deafening as water surges and cascades from the heights above. You will also experience the African wildlife from your raft – hippos, monkeys, warthogs and plenty, plenty more. This is the experience of a lifetime.

If you’re seeking an adrenaline rush that doesn’t need a ton of training, where your equipment is supplied and where fun and adventure are guaranteed, these wonderful white water destinations should be on your list. Who’s been?

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Colorado is a great white water rafting destination. The colorado river is extremely fun!

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