17 Places Where Nature and Spirituality Meet in Harmony ...

In the places where nature and spirituality meet stand temples, monasteries, shrines and places of holy pilgrimage. There is a undeniable link between spirituality and nature so it’s only natural that those with an affinity for communing with both, choose places where Mother Nature’s work Is at her finest. If you’re feeling like a trip to a higher plane, come with me on a tour of some amazing and beautiful places where nature and spirituality meet. Prepared to be wowed!

1. Key Gompa, Spiti Valley, India

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Key Gompa is a Tibeten Buddhist monastery sitting in the Spiti Valley in India. The valley is hauntingly empty and has withstood fire, earthquakes and Mongolian attacks since the 11th century. This is partially due to the fact that it sits at an elevation of 13,668 ft. It is one of the gorgeous places where nature and spirituality meet and is reminiscent of the buildings in the Lord Of The Rings.

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