10 Incredibly Obscure but Amazing Places ...


10 Incredibly Obscure but Amazing Places ...
10 Incredibly Obscure but Amazing Places ...

Obscure but Amazing Places are some of the most interesting destinations to visit. With so many travelers heading out to big name destinations such as Rome, Singapore, New Zealand, it could be very easy to forget that there are many corners of the globe that nobody would think to even look at, let alone travel to, even though there are some somewhat obscure but amazing places just waiting to be explored. The few people that have discovered these gems, tucked away behind mountains and forests cannot possibly keep these magical secrets to themselves forever, here is a list of 10 Incredibly Obscure but Amazing Places.

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Tusheti, Georgia

Not a destination for the faint hearted, Tusheti is an almost completely untouched region, tucked far away in the Causcasus Mountain region. There's a good reason why it's considered one of the most obscure but amazing places to visit. The villages within this mysterious area are to be found perched precariously along sheer cliff faces and incredibly high, sharp slopes that although completely breathtaking, is not a location for those with height issues. Best explored on horseback or by foot, you will be able to experience life that almost appears to have stood still as you meander along watching the sheep grazing at their leisure and take in the spectacular scenery, gushing gorges, glacial lakes and rugged cliff faces.


The Great Dune of Pyla, France

Highly unlikely that you should find Europe’s largest sand dune in Europe, where it is a location that does not actually have any deserts, and one would expect no sand dunes either, but France does. A famous paragliding jump, the 3km long Dune is incredibly steep, and offers the most unbelievable views, as it is higher than any of the trees in the area, easy to see why it is a favorite jump spot for paragliders. Formed in a forest it climbs to more than 100m high and widens out at 500m, and for those who make it to the top, you can see the sea.


Buffalo, Wyoming

For all those serious outdoor fans, this is one spectacular, virtually undiscovered outdoor adventure haven, and definitely one of the most obscure but amazing places you could ever see. There are no crowds, no queues, and whether it is cross country skiing in winter, or a leisurely summer hike, there is a great selection of outdoor adventures on offer. Crazy Woman Canyon will dazzle you with its dramatic scenery and adrenalin junkies can get up close and personal with Cloud Peak, the highest peak in the Bighorn range. Be careful when hiking Bucking Mule Falls, that you miss crashing down off the 600 feet fall into the sheer cliff face of Devil Canyon.


Iles De La Madeline, Senegal

A location that is truly a movie-set perfect extravaganza for the senses, these outcroppings of jagged cliff peaks literally appear out of nowhere, around 2.5 miles off the coast of Dakar. If you don’t look carefully you will miss the glimpse of light between the cliffs, as a small entrance to amazing little lagoons and streams open up all over the place. If you have the nerve or the stamina, you can grab a back pack and climb up the volcanic cliffs and experience firsthand what cormorants and red-billed tropical birds see every day from their nests and places of rest in the baobab trees.


Lord Howe Island, Australia

This unbelievable island gem is not perhaps a destination that you may stumble upon just any day, you really have to know how to get to this obscure but amazing place. A two-hour flight, northeast out of Sydney, will bring you to this spectacular island paradise that is just seven miles in length. Rent a bicycle and cycle your way through this oasis, take in the sites and don’t forget to pop in at the gorgeous Neds Beach, and check out the hand fed fish. This small island delight will not swallow you up and spit you out, you could hardly get lost, although perhaps dizzy from cycling in circles all day.


Saint-Sauvant, France

With a population of just 517, you can be sure to be noticed in this beautiful and serene French destination. An archetypal 14th Century village, Saint-Sauvant is the postcard for medieval architecture and the hotels and the villages Romanesque Church are strong reminders of times gone by. The leisurely pace of the village will take some getting used to, if you can endure their customary 2 hour lunches and slow, gentle life that is mostly all that is on offer in this quaint, romantic little village.


Keahiakawelo, Lanai, Hawaii

While the island of Hawaii is not exactly obscure, Keahiakawelo most certainly is an obscure but amazing place. Don’t even consider trying to get there without a four wheel drive vehicle, the terrain could be rented out by Hollywood filmmakers who are trying to get an accurate replica of the terrain akin to the surface of mars. Surreal gardens teeming with large, red rocks and boulders dominate the skylines and as the wind pumps through the island the rocks literally roll around. But it is not all dust and gloom, it is Hawaii after all, and there are the spectacular beaches and some seriously interesting people.


Sucre, Bolivia

White washed buildings, hazy summer days and mild winter nights are just some of the reasons why outdoor enthusiasts flock here to take part in paragliding, hiking, cycling, quad biking and swimming adventures. Why not take a salsa class in old school Bolivia, or an authentic Latin American cooking class? Whether you are after the unspoilt outdoor scenery, or the vibe and cultural ambience of shy Sucre, you are in for a treat.


Eastern Antioquia, Colombia

The streets of historic Antigua literally take you back into time, caballeros on horseback, plaza flanked districts and the lush green, banks mingling in the city. Wander aimlessly through the streets and tinker along through the sidewalk shops and cafes, buy a birdhouse or a poncho, or take a seat at a traditional Columbian cafe and experience traditional Colombian fare, such as chicharron-crispy fried pork, while being serenaded by the local guitar players. This obscure but amazing place is entirely authentic and breathtakingly lovely.


Wuppertal, South Africa

Traveling about 4 hours north-east of Cape Town, will bring you to the Cederberg region of the Karoo. A spectacular example of nature and conservation, a real camper’s paradise and nature lover’s haven, visitors come all throughout the year to hike camp and explore this untamed region. Camp under the biggest sky you have ever seen and cool off in the crisp mountains pools. If camping is not your thing, then a proper rustic mountain cottage will fit your requirements perfectly.

As you can see, by checking out obscure but amazing places, you can experience something incredible. So before you rush off and head off the busy, heaving, populous cities that feature on every top 10 places to visit list, think about heading off the beaten track and be prepared to be rewarded with some obscure but amazing places. Hidden gems, virtually untouched and in some cases, largely unknown, will astound you and you will leave with spectacular memories and be in complete awe of some of the most remarkable destinations our planet has to offer. What will be your choices on your own 10 incredibly obscure but amazing places list?

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i live an hour in a half away form buffalo wyoming. and by far its my favorite place on earth.

Wow great post :) I'm actually from Georgia but sadly I've never been to Tusheti...

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