10 Stunning Sceneries of New Zealand ...


10 Stunning Sceneries of New Zealand ...
10 Stunning Sceneries of New Zealand ...

There’s no denying that the stunning sceneries of New Zealand sometimes defy superlatives. Residents, travelers, photographers and filmmakers rightly claim it is possibly the most beautiful country on earth. The Land of the Long White Cloud has practically every geographical feature you can think of, knitted together by Mother Nature to create magical landscapes. Come with me on a glorious journey through some stunning sceneries of New Zealand.

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Rotorua One of the main tourist destinations in New Zealand, this geothermic wonderland is one of the best in the world and you will see many of the stunning sceneries of New Zealand here. You can see, almost tropical in appearance, forests and bush lands, geothermal parks with steaming lakes and geysers and bubbling mud pools along with beautifully colored blue and green lakes and waterfalls.



Matamata “Hobbiton” in Matamata is a must-see for Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit film fans. Set in the beautiful scenery of New Zealand, Hobbiton was built especially for the movies but blends in so well you would think it has always been a part of the landscape. Some of the places in Hobbiton are open for visitors too, such as The Green Dragon Inn and The Shire’s Rest Café so you can sit a spell and soak in the ambiance.



Queenstown Sitting on the shore of the crystal clear Lake Wakatipu is the tourist Mecca of Queenstown. New Zealand’s stunning scenery is in abundance here and is suitable for all types of adventures. In winter there is skiing and snowboarding, and all year round you can go river rafting, horse trekking or go jet boating to mention just a few. If adventure is your thing there is also canyon swinging or bungee jumping and for the more sedate, some beautiful hiking trails through the pristine, natural attractions of New Zealand.


Fiordland National Park

Fiordland National Park The country’s largest national park is the Fiordland National Park. Fiordland’s scenery is a breathtaking vista of steep mountains, lush rainforests, deep fiords and thundering waterfalls. There are some superb walking tracks in Fiordland, with the Milford Track being one of the most famous.



Kaikoura The seaside town of Kaikoura is on the South Island’s east coast. The scenic landscape around Kaikoura is simply beautiful but its main attraction is the waters off its coast. This is one of the few places in the world where, all year round, you can see whales. In addition to the whales there is an abundance of other sea life, such as dolphins and seals.


Tongariro National Park

Tongariro National Park In the centre of the North Island, this park is home to three active volcanoes. These three volcanoes are situated in unusual New Zealand scenery, a very desert like landscape. During the winter months there are a number of very popular ski fields on Mt. Ruapehu, which is the largest of the volcanoes.


The Coromandel Pensinsula

The Coromandel Pensinsula The Coromandel Peninsula is only a two hour drive from New Zealand’s largest city, Auckland. Here you will find some of the most beautiful, scenic beaches in New Zealand. There is even a thermal beach called Hot Water Beach. You can create your very own spa pool by digging a hole on this beach and waiting for it to fill with seawater which has been warmed by volcanic heat rising through the ground.


The Bay of Islands

The Bay of Islands The finest maritime park in New Zealand can be found in the scenic surroundings of the Bay of Islands. Here you will find about 150 small islands, many with secluded bays and beaches, to explore. The subtropical climate and numerous scenic beaches attract tourists from all over the world. It is also steeped in history, as this is where the Treaty of Waitangi was signed in 1840.


Mt. Cook National Park

Mt. Cook National Park In the Canterbury region of New Zealand is the Mt Cook National Park, home to the country’s highest mountain. Due to the park’s high altitude there are not many trees and plants, but this is one of the most glorious scenes of New Zealand, with its rugged alpine terrain covered in colorful lupine flowers. There are many treks you can take through the area. The Tasman Glacier is also here and you can take a helicopter or plane ride over for a unique look at the spectacular snowy environment.


Abel Tasman National Park

Abel Tasman National Park Abel Tasman National park has many attractions even though it is the smallest of the national parks in New Zealand. As one of New Zealand’s sunniest spots it has some of the best beaches in the country with sands ranging in color from gold to white. There are a number of walks all around the area through the naturally beautiful forests. It is also home to the interesting and aptly-named Split Apple Rock.

Is your head now spinning with the magnificence of the stunning landscapes of New Zealand? I wouldn’t understand anyone who didn’t have New Zealand on their travel bucket list. Is it on yours?

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Wow thank you! This is so amazing! Xxxxx

I love the first one

I love NZ especially in the winter. We travelled to Mount Cook during the cold season and the whole place was white with snow. I didn't realise how lucky I was to go until I thought back on those fun memories

The coromandel is amazing!

Home sweet home :)

I currently traveling so I forget just how beautiful home is! :) that was a nice reminder!

Amazing. I am def putting on my places to travel

Go to hot water beach! And piha!

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