9 Thanksgiving Events Held around the World ...

By Eliza

9 Thanksgiving Events Held around the World ...

Thanksgiving is a wonderful holiday in which Americans celebrate the relationship with Squanto and their new life in the colonies. Now it’s a traditional way to give thanks for the blessings that you have in your life. People typically get the day off from work and they share a huge feast, with turkey and mashed potatoes as the star of the show. Plus, it’s the official kickstart to the Christmas season. Give thanks with one of these events.

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Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade

This huge event happens in New York City every year on Thanksgiving Day. It features those huge iconic floats of your favorite characters, as well as marching bands, music and lots more. If you can’t make it to the Big Apple to watch the parade in person this year, catch it on television in all its splendor.


Thanksgiving Day Bash with Mike Carlson

This event will take place at the Octoberfest Pub in London. Catch all the sporting events of the day as well as playing beer pong and flip cup. Buy your tickets early and you’ll also get free beer. This event may not be your traditional Thanksgiving celebration, but it sure sounds fun to me.


Plimouth Plantation

This year, why not visit the site of the first Thanksgiving dinner? Located just south of Boston, you can see a replica of the Mayflower and experience what life was like on that first Thanksgiving. For a totally authentic experience, the Plimouth Plantation will certainly get you in the mood.


Disney Family Thanksgiving Feast

If you find yourself in Disneyland this year on Thanksgiving, you are in for a treat. The place puts on quite a feast. Interact with your favorite characters and enjoy special offerings from all the best restaurants in the park. Pumpkin pie is just one thing to look forward to.


Liquid Laundry

If you're in Shanghai this year, you've got to celebrate Thanksgiving at Liquid Laundry. Join the bar and restaurant on Thanksgiving day for a 4-course tasting menu that includes a traditional dinner or a prime rib or salmon option. Finish the meal with pumpkin pie.

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Turkey Testicle Festival

Happening in Huntley, Illinois, this festival will make Thanksgiving something you’ll never forget. Enjoy a wide range of live music and the best food there is to offer. Think pizza, sandwiches, sausage and nuts. Head to the nearby Parkside Pub for a non-traditional Thanksgiving meal that is as delicious as it is different.


Plymouth Barbican

This is where it all started! Here is where the Mayflower set sail for the New World. Located in Devon, UK, this event includes speeches, live music, a parade and the iconic lighting of the Christmas lights. If you want a historical Thanksgiving celebration, you'll find it here.


Thanksgiving Picnic

Australians can enjoy a Thanksgiving meal even if it summer where they are. Of course, visitors to the area are also welcome. Members of the Sydney Americans group are asked to bring traditional Thanksgiving foods to share. Check out this link for more information: meetup.com.


Madmad Mad Bodega

If you're in Copenhagen for Thanksgiving this year, check out this glorious event. There will be information shared about Thanksgiving and it's history, fun crafts, and a family style meal that includes turkey, mashed potatoes and all the trimmings. It's not to be missed!

What are you doing for Thanksgiving this year?

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Around the world? I do believe it's ONLY a national holiday in the United States .😂

I feel like these other countries don't celebrate it for the reasons we do ( I could be wrong )

Macys Thanksgiving Day Parade in NYC!!!

Yeah we had it over a month ago in Canada but since this is a American-ized app, we get all the turkey posts now. When I was in London, nobody talked about thanksgiving (or well the people I was with)