7 Wonderfully πŸ€— Festive πŸŽ‰ Places πŸ—Ί to Spend Christmas πŸŽ„ ...

When it comes to Christmas, there are two very distinct camps with regards to the way that people like to celebrate the holiday season. There are those who like nothing more than to shut their front door, put the Christmas music on, and don’t emerge from the comfort of their decorated home haven until early January, and then there are those who want to create new and different memories every year by venturing out and enjoying different places. If you fall into the latter camp, then here are seven wonderfully festive places to spend Christmas.

1. Prague, Czech Republic

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Prague is the perfect place to get in the festive state of mind around Christmas time. The city goes seasonal crazy in December, with street markets on every corner and fairy lights guiding your way through the magical Eastern European landscape. The red bricks and red roofing on a lot of the buildings also adds to the Christmas vibe!

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