These Cool Museums Are Not for Your Grandma ...

There are museums dedicated to the strangest of things. While institutions like the Smithsonian, the Victoria and Albert and the Guggenheims rule the museum world simply because of size and diversity of collection, the small museums around the world are a delight to the inquisitive tourist. And, I use the term inquisitive very loosely because there really are some oddball – but cool - museums out there.

1. The Vent Haven Ventriloquist Museum, Kentucky, USA

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If the thought of a whole audience of ventriloquist dummies scares you witless, the Vent Haven Ventriloquist Museum in Kentucky is probably not the right choice for you. Terrifying doesn't even begin to describe the experience! The museum is home to more than 800 dummies, their creepy "lives" documented in photographs, playbills and letters.

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