Digital Detox: 7 off the Grid Vacations ...

Your annual vacation is the one time where there should be no argument about having a digital detox. I remember the days when we went on holiday and the only contact with folks back home was a postcard. You didn’t even think about calling friends or family on the phone. A holiday was a holiday – from everything. Nowadays, people’s luggage includes smartphones, tablets and laptops. For me, the question is why? You spend 50 weeks a year working, being available 24/7, possibly saving hard for your 2 week vacation, so you should be off the grid. I’ve found 7 places where it’s practically impossible to connect with the outside world.

1. The Outlook Lodge, Green Mountain Falls, Colorado, USA

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Perched at nearly 7,800 ft altitude in Colorado's Rocky Mountains, the Outlook Lodge in Green Mountain Falls is a no-frills, six-bedroom lodge close to the 6-mile Catamount Trail. With a population of just 640 souls, Green Mountain Falls is something of a change of scene for owner Christian Keesee, a New York-based art collector who used to spend his childhood vacations in the area. Seeing the historic town's gradual decline, he decided to come to the rescue. He restored the 19th-century lodge and decorated it with art works from his private collection, thus sowing the seeds for an arts festival. It may feel like an off the grid vacation, but the lodge is just 11 miles west of Colorado Springs. It overlooks a picturesque mountain valley and is surrounded on 3 sides by Pike National Forest, ideal for hiking and spotting local wildlife.

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