YOLO... 7 Reasons to Be a Rocking Solo Traveller and See the World ...


YOLO... 7 Reasons to Be a Rocking Solo Traveller and See the World ...
YOLO... 7 Reasons to Be a Rocking Solo Traveller and See the World ...

Being a solo traveller and going to see the world is possibly the coolest thing you will ever do. Shrug off your insecurities and fears and dive into a new world of adventure, chaos, beautiful sunsets, new friends and spicy food. Being a solo traveller is scary because with no friends, you have no security safety blanket with you and you will need to be an independent woman, which makes the rewards so much sweeter when you succeed. You may face the odd lonely dinner but for the most part you will be having so much fun you won’t have time to worry about anything other than enjoying yourself.

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Simply because seeing the world is one of the most beautiful and inspiring things you can do. There are so many worries that might put you off going for it... but just imagine the possibilities of how good it could be. You only live once so make the time to explore this incredible planet and discover the wonders of the world. After all, travel is the only thing you can buy that truly makes you richer.



Carpe Diem is Latin for “Seize the Day.” There is no time like the present to book your once in a lifetime journey, because you will never have all your ducks in order and because there will always be a good reason to stay. Imagine your dream trip, catch the momentum and then quickly, before the doubts creep in... book your flights.



Some of my friends can’t think of anything worse than travelling abroad, others simply can’t afford it. Many of us girls choose to travel independently because our friends can’t come away with us. But being solo doesn’t need to be a sad lonely affair, as you will soon make lots of new friends that are keen to see the same stuff as you. As a lone ranger, you can choose your own travel Itinerary and be completely free to roam to your heart's desires. On the first night I ever travelled alone, I sat at a dinner table by myself and after less than an hour I was rescued by two other lone female travellers... It would be months before I was eating alone again.



It would have been completely unheard of for women to travel around the world by themselves 100 years ago. We are so lucky that we now have this opportunity to travel without facing extreme dangers and a lot of frowning.



Wow, I almost forgot to mention just how much fun you will have. It will be the biggest adventure of your life; whether you learn to scuba dive, see a million temples or eat weird and wonderful new foods – everything thing you do from the moment you wake up will be a brand new exciting memory. The only thing slowing you down is stopping to take selfies.



You will make new and amazing friends by travelling solo. The great thing about travelling alone is that you make more effort to chat to new people and you will get to meet people from all over the world that also got zapped by wanderlust and couldn’t resist setting off to see the world.



I am a big foodie – so I love to go abroad and try all my favourite dishes in the lands that they come from. Think Pad Thai in Thailand, authentic curry from India, sushi rolled in Japan and empanadas from a street corner in Peru. Nom, nom, nom... Perhaps I have gone off track here, but I think amazing food is a reason enough to say goodbye to McDonalds and set off to new destinations.

I feel like I’m supposed to say that being a solo traveller will give you new life and employability skills that will prepare you for a great life when you return – and no doubt it probably will. But stuff all that sensible thinking and jump on the carefree bandwagon where you choose to be a rocking solo traveller because it’s your destiny and right to see the world and because if you don’t, you simply might combust and die. Have you booked your tickets yet... well what are you waiting for?

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My one dream is to travel the world - I cannot wait to begin.

I will do this ✌🏼️

I'm going to Tokyo solo in November! Wish me luck!

It's "carpe diem" not cape diem

OMG I'm planing to go to Dubai... Let's see how it goes!!

I HAVE BOOKED MY OCTOBER FLIGHT!! Haha! Omg! I can't wait for my solo travel!

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