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7 Foreign Words Every Girl Who Loves to Travel Should Know ...

By Lucy

Do you love travelling? If so, here's a quick guide to words you must know for just a few of the main countries in Europe! What's been your favourite place you've been to so far and where would you like to go to next?

1 Célibataire ~ French ('single' in English)

Context: 'yes, I'm currently single!'

You never know when you're going to meet a potential partner, right? And if one should approach you, jump at the chance to be loud and proud making your single status known! After all, it's not every day you connect with someone while travelling and moving around to different places!

2 Clube ~ Portuguese ('club' in English)

Context: 'what's the hottest club around here?'

Every girl needs to let their hair down once they get to a new location, so remember to ask about the hottest, trendiest club around so you can see if it's better than the one back home! Make your friends back home super jealous by talking about hanging out in a exotic club they haven't been to yet!

3 Liebe ~ German ('love' in English)

Context: 'I love German guys and Black Forest gateau equally'

A girl should never have to choose between her taste in men and a fabulous slice of chocolate cake, should she? Enough said! Make sure you know this world to describe anything and everything that you're passionate about so others can get to know you properly!

4 Martini ~ Italian ('Martini' in English)

Context: 'I'll have a dry martini'

You never know when you're going to need that drink to lift your spirits, for some the simple process of travelling and getting to a new location is reason enough! Make sure you know the name of your favourite drink so you can seek some familiarity even in a new environment!

5 Por Favor ~ Spanish ('please' in English)

Context: 'Please can you tell me where Shopping Central is?'

Shopping is one of the best things to do when you're in a new place and are looking to take back some special pieces to add to your usual collection! Make sure you know where to go for all the shops you love and ask for directions in needed!

6 Hvala Ti ~ Croatian ('thank You' in English)

Context: 'Thank you for showing me around this fabulous city!'

Travelling is a great experience when the locals are helping you out and making an effort to show you their way of life, so why not acknowledge this with a simple thank you? Let them know how much they've helped you out in an otherwise difficult and time-consuming hunt around a new place!

7 Domu ~ Polish ('home' in English)

Context: 'It's time to go home'

Travelling is a great experience but it can definitely make you miss home and everything that you know and love! Every travelling girl needs to end their time abroad at some point to venture home, and this phrase is perfect for when that time comes!

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