7 Fun Cities with Large Expat Communities ...


7 Fun Cities with Large Expat Communities ...
7 Fun Cities with Large Expat Communities ...

Cities with large expat communities can be found everywhere in the world, and so most of the time expats don’t have to suffer from the complete culture shock an overseas move can bring. Have you ever thought about working abroad, or have you even received an offer? Not only can it be a great resume booster; in cities with large expat communities it’s rather easy to make new friends. These cities are some excellent choices if you’re considering a big move.

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New York City

New York City Cities with large expat communities are most interesting when there’s a variety of cultures. New York is one of those cities. It’s considered to be a city of opportunities in the land of opportunities, and some say you can make it anywhere once you made it in The Big Apple. The city has countless meetup groups for newbies, so if you want to make international friends, this is the place to be.


Phnom Penh

Phnom Penh The capital city of Cambodia is a lot smaller than New York, and therefore it’s somewhat surprising to see such a large expat community. Locals and expats give the city a perfect blend of authenticity and modern life, with international restaurants and bars situated next to local eateries. The French have left their trademark here, so indulgences like a croissant or a rich pastry are never far.



Singapore If you’re extremely career-driven, you might be able to benefit from Singapore’s job opportunities. Expats say they aren’t always happy about the work-life balance, but thankfully there are plenty of things to do once you manage to escape your desk. Expat meetup groups are numerous, so it shouldn’t be difficult to make new friends here.



Paris Who wouldn’t want to spend time in Paris for a while? There are great tourist sights, delicious food and don’t even get me started about the fashion! Unfortunately, expats have said it’s not easy to make contact with Parisians, especially if you don’t speak French fluently. For those, Paris offers numerous expat meetup groups to enjoy the city’s beauty.


Hong Kong

Hong Kong You definitely won’t feel alone as an expat in Hong Kong. There are countless events helping expats to socialize and enjoy this modern city to its fullest. And if you’re feeling homesick, there are many meetup groups that cater to expats from certain countries, like India, Germany and Australia.



London Acclimatizing to London isn’t a hard task; at least there’s no language barrier! However, in a city where everyone’s moving at a fast pace, you could be left feeling lost and alone. London’s meetup groups offer a variety of events for those who want to explore the city or just want to meet people over a drink or two.



Sydney For most of us, Australia isn’t a cheap country. The price of a rental and the cost of living is significantly higher than in most other countries in the world. A nice paycheck is therefore a necessity for expats to be able to live a comfortable life here. Nonetheless, Sydney has some great job opportunities and a large expat community that regularly meets up to explore the city’s beautiful sights and great restaurants and bars. In addition, there are also meetup groups for Irish, Americans, Taiwanese and Germans.

Often times, new expats are eager to blend in with the local community. This is a great way to make yourself at home, but after a while most will find a need to also make friends with people who can relate to your expat life. Which one of these cities would you consider moving to?

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I'm surprised there's no South African cities on here!!

I thought Montreal would have made it in the list. The most diverse ethnicity that anyone can find.

The list is missing Dubai!

This is definitely missing Dubai !!

Am surprise that Istanbul is not on the list , therefore almost everyday I meet different nationality people ...

another awesome place is Playa del carmen Mexico

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