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Ethical experiences and eco-friendly places to stay/visit are growth areas in travel. Each year exciting new trips are made available or companies are formed specifically with ethical travel in mind. These are some that caught my eye lately.

1. Dancing with Sea Turtles, Conservation Project, Mexico

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Type of Experience: Volunteering
Organizer: The Yepez Foundation
Contact Details:

Family-run, non-profit organization Fundacion Yepez (the Yepez Foundation) provide turtle-loving gals with ethical travel experiences few other conservation projects can match. The Foundation has been protecting sea turtles along the deserted shores of Veracruz, Mexico, for 46 years, offering educational and environmental projects to hard-working volunteers so that these endangered reptiles will still be around to delight divers for generations to come. The Foundation's small team expects to see a hands-on approach to conservation work from its volunteers. Work can be anything from beach cleaning to tree planting for a few weeks to internships of up to 6 months that tell volunteers all they need to know about sea turtle conservation.

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