The Most Beautiful Cafes in London to Stick on Your Instagram ...

By Deeceebee

The Most Beautiful Cafes in London to Stick on Your Instagram ...

If you’re heading to the UK capital this year, I’m going to recommend the most beautiful cafes in London that really are worth a visit. If you are a true child of the internet, then you will know that going to a café has so much more to consider than the quality of the coffee these days! In 2018, if a café isn’t beautiful and Instagram-worthy, then it isn’t worth visiting at all! Thanks to social media platforms like Instagram and Snapchat, going to a café has turned from a simple trip to conversation and a coffee to an entire photo shoot opportunity, so you better make the right choice when deciding on where to visit! Here are some of the most beautiful cafes in London!

1 Peggy Porschen

pink, home, window, flower, floristry, This is a café in Belgravia that is probably one of the most photographed in all of London! It is essentially a pink palace dedicated to pastry, known for its wonderful seasonal floral displays that range from Valentine’s hearts to full on Christmas trees. Make sure to arrive early if you plan to visit, because there is always a long line outside!

2 Saint Aymes

flower, purple, home, floristry, flower arranging, Saint Aymes is a café with an iconic façade, located in Connaught Village. All of its windows are bordered with whimsical wisteria, and inside its signature rosy cocoa beverage awaits you. One of the their most unique drinks is a 23 carat gold hot chocolate, but if you want something a little more quirky then you can always go for the colourful unicorn latte!

3 Biscuiteers

furniture, Located in the famous Notting Hill area, Bicuiteers is often cited as being the cutest café in London. It has a lovely black and white façade that looks wonderfully old fashioned, but there is nothing old fashioned about the amazing array of biscuits and cookies that they have to offer! They come in all shapes, sizes and flavours, and are a decorated so intricately that the are almost too pretty to eat. Almost!

4 Aubaine Selfridges

purple, interior design, wall, home, flower, No trip to London is complete without a trip to Selfridges, and when you are there you absolutely must visit their Aubaine café. Located inside the iconic Oxford Street department store, the café is filled with purple blossoms, providing a picturesque place to enjoy a well earned coffee in the middle of your shopping spree.

5 Sketch

living room, interior design, room, wall, furniture, Sketch in Mayfair has to be one of the most Instagrammed locations in the whole of London at this point, but for good reason! Each room of the place is decorated in a different signature style, each one more beautiful than the next. For café elegance, you want to head to the Gallery room, which does an amazing afternoon tea.

6 Treves and Hyde

stairs, balcony, interior design, house, shade, Treves And Hyde can be found in Whitechapel, and is famous for its bright interior and instantly recognisable pink spiral staircase. It is the perfect place to meet up with a friend for a catch up coffee in the East End of London.

7 Dominique Ansel Bakery

floristry, flower, plant, facade, window, Back to trendy Belgravia for the last pick. This bakery is just down the street from Peggy Porschen and the two are constantly challenging each other to be better! It has a stunning flower arch entrance and an outside terrace covered in sweet smelling and beautiful blooms. You can head over the Dominique Ansel if you want to try a cronut!

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