7 Superb Lakes with Creepy Pasts ...


7 Superb Lakes with Creepy Pasts ...
7 Superb Lakes with Creepy Pasts ...

This planet definitely has no shortage of stunningly beautiful places that, if they could speak, would probably make you run away screaming; today, however, I'll just focus on a few absolutely superb lakes with creepy pasts – and let you decide if want to visit them. Their majestic beauty often hiding strange, bizarre, or downright sinister and petrifying past events, the following lakes with creepy pasts tell stories that will make your hair stand on end.

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Lake Nyos – Cameroon

Lake Nyos – Cameroon Among lakes with creepy pasts, Lake Nyos is probably one of the strangest, as well as most dangerous. The lake sits on top of a pocket of magma that creates explosions of carbonic acid and carbon dioxide. A major explosion in 1986 killed more than 1700 people and 3000 livestock.


Lake Resia and Its Bell Tower

Lake Resia and Its Bell Tower After a nearby river was dammed in the 1950s, Lake Resia was born – an artificial lake sitting on top of an old village. The village’s 14th century bell tower, however, still rises above the water, and locals say that the church bell can still be heard on eerie nights, despite having been removed long ago.


Coniston Water

Coniston Water A beautiful natural lake in northern England, Coniston Water attracts many canoeists, kayakers and tourists, its calm waters being perfect for cruising, boating and diving. What many don’t know is that this is where the body of Carol Park was found – a school teacher allegedly killed in 1976. Her body was found by amateur divers more than 20 years later submerged about 20 meters underwater.


Lake Tinnsja’s Sinister WW2 past

Lake Tinnsja’s Sinister WW2 past One of the more special lakes with creepy pasts is Lake Tinnsja – one of Europe’s largest, as well as most beautiful lakes. Tinnsja used to be a key strategic location that could have turned the tides of World War II, having been used by the Nazis as a production and transportation site for heavy water, which – if it weren't for Allied Forces’ interventions – could have led to the production of Nazi nuclear weaponry.


Nevada’s Pyramid Lake

Nevada’s Pyramid Lake A remarkable view and superb landscape – this is what most people familiar with Pyramid Lake will remember about this exceptional location. Most people aren't aware, however, that this is also an archaeologically significant lake where members from the Paiute Native American tribe used to kill prematurely born or deformed infants hundreds of years ago. According to local legends, the ghostly cries of the children can still be heard on some nights.


Lake Crater and Its Bizarre past

Lake Crater and Its Bizarre past The natural beauty of Oregon’s Lake Crater hides a dark past – Klamath natives consider it a “place of evil” that people tend to never come back from. In 1997, multiple UFO sightings were allegedly made by a military fighter pilot, and multiple Sasquatch sightings – and deaths – were also reported by the locals, the bodies allegedly being taken away in secrecy by government officials. Who knows what really happened here?


Cameron Lake’s Mysterious Depths

Cameron Lake’s Mysterious Depths One of the most mysterious lakes with creepy pasts is Cameron Lake, near Vancouver Island in Canada. For years, its 600-meter deep waters have housed an entire airplane with the bodies of the passengers neatly preserved, and reports also indicated the presence of a huge, unknown lake creature that was allegedly captured on video, as well as by researchers’ sonar scanners.

These are just some of the lakes you may come across in your travels that have dark secrets hidden behind their beauty. Do you know of any other spectacular lakes with sinister pasts the faint-hearted may want stay away from?


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I see a figure in the pyramid face it looks like it has eyes

I'm from Nevada and I hate going to Pyramid lake. It's creepy there

Well that scared me aha

It looks like a face with eyes *

I don't know if this scares me from going, or encourages me to do so...

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