7 Places to Visit on a North Shore Lake Superior Vacation ...

A vacation on Lake Superior’s North Shore takes you to a fabulous area of Minnesota. Every season here is a treat so there really is no particular time to visit. There’s plenty of snow in winter and when the snow melts, the waterfalls become an amazing sight. When dressed in summer and fall finery, the North Shore area isn’t too shabby either. Here are some reasons to take a vacation on Lake Superior’s North Shore.

1. Split Rock Lighthouse State Park

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Situated on the North Shore of Lake Superior, this park is best known for its historic 1910 lighthouse and is one of the first stops when spending your vacation on Lake Superior’s North Shore. Prompted by a 1905 gale that sent several ships to a watery grave, it’s now one of Minnesota’s best known landmarks. Restored to its 1920s appearance, the lighthouse offers a look at lighthouse life. No longer active, it was retired in 1969, but remains a popular tourist attraction. The park offers numerous recreational opportunities, such as scenic trails, camping, fishing and beachcombing.

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