9 of the World's Most Stunning Lakes ...


9 of the World's Most Stunning Lakes ...
9 of the World's Most Stunning Lakes ...

Some of the world’s most beautiful lakes are found in some of the most unlikely places, and are such an integral part of the world we live in today, being so much more than just a body of water. The world’s stunning Lakes provide us with incredible sceneries, important eco systems, aquatic life, water sports and picture perfect examples of some of Mother Nature’s most incredible offerings. Here are 9 of the World’s Most Stunning Lakes.

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Moraine Lake, Canada

Moraine Lake, Canada An example of a true natural phenomenon, Moraine Lake, much like its more famous and much more popular counterpart, Lake Louise just around the corner, is a stunning example of nature at work, that could be just a temporary site if one of the most concerning events – global warming, destroys the delicate balance of this region The incredible, shimmering teal and gem like colour gives the lake an astounding and distinctive glow, caused by the glacial flour in the water that comes from high up on the mountain peaks in the Canadian Rockies. As global warming melts the glaciers, there is a chance that the effervescent glow could fade.


Lake Manapouri, New Zealand

Lake Manapouri, New Zealand New Zealand is home to some of the world’s most stunningly beautiful lakes, and Lake Manapouri, is no exception. Meaning sorrowful heat in Maori, Lake Manapouri is considered to be one of the most resplendent sceneries in all of the South Pacific. White velvet sands lie gloriously along the banks of this stunning lake, where there are more than 30 little islands dotted all over the place. The distinctive snow-capped mountains, rich emerald waters and stunning landscapes are all synonymous with majestic Lake Manapouri.


Lake Tahoe, California

Lake Tahoe, California Overlapping on the border of California and Nevada at no less than 1645 feet deep is the incredibly gorgeous Lake Tahoe. The second deepest after the Crater Lake in Oregon, which is 1946 feet deep, Lake Tahoe is the largest lake at the highest elevation – 6225 feet. Lake Tahoe is an iconic landmark in California, and one of the most gorgeous lakes in North America, with the snow-capped Sierra Mountains surrounding and the resplendent and sparkling clear sapphire water. Unfortunately due to the harsh touch of human hands, pollution and man have begun to cause the demise of Lake Tahoe’s famously clear waters and the clarity is now only 67 feet, whereas in the 1960’s is was 100 feet.


Lake Lucerne, Switzerland

Lake Lucerne, Switzerland Switzerland is renowned for having an abundance of beautiful lakes and it is not like they need them really, what with all the amazing scenery they are already famous for; rugged, snow-capped mountains, rolling green valleys and breath-taking panoramas. Lake Lucerne is considered to be the most beautiful lake in Switzerland, with its 19 mile perimeter, supported by the dramatic back drop of the Bernese Alps. The deep azure waters and a meadow next to the lake where there is a commemorative path, marking the place where the Swiss Federation was formed, marks the momentous occasion’s 700th anniversary in 1991.


Ba-Be Lake, Vietnam

Ba-Be Lake, Vietnam Romantic, eerie and mysterious, the Zen like view of the Ba-Be Lake in Vietnam is set in the most unlikely scene – a subtropical rainforest. Secluded bays and veils of mist over scattered islands make Ba-Be one of the world’s truly stunning lakes. The calm, rich emerald waters make the lake as glassy as a millpond, and now and again you will come across tour boats gliding in and out of the bays, where visitors come to see the national park that is home to some protected gibbons and monkeys.


Lake Bled, Slovenia

Lake Bled, Slovenia The incredible colour of this beautiful lake comes from the massive sediment of limestone deposits, and literally glows a vivacious green-blue throughout. There are many ancient castles along the banks of the lake, tucked away in the southeastern Alps in Slovenia, and the dramatic contrasts against the lake, make it one of the most photographed beautiful lakes in the world. Right in the centre of the lake is a small island with an historic church, with a 160 foot steeple that is popular with weddings and tourists.


Lago De Patzcuaro, Mexico

Lago De Patzcuaro, Mexico Their neighbours are world famous for the best handmade ice cream and Lago de Patzcuaro is famous for their iconic photographs of their local fisherman fishing on the lake with their large and unusual butterfly nets, when they head out onto the lake to catch the popular whitefish, which are then sold to restaurants who serve the delicious fish fried to patrons on the central island of Janitzio. The picturesque region is almost a scene out of a fairy tale book, with the dramatic backdrop of dense pine forests along the banks of the river that feeds the lake.


Coniston Water, England

Coniston Water, England The famous home of the celebrated poet, William Wordsworth, England’s Lake district was a favourite destination among many artists, composes and poets who flocked to the region. Right inside the British National Park, Coniston Water is just one of many gorgeous lakes and landscapes throughout the area. Wordsworth’s poems depict the rolling meadows, carpets of bright flowers, puffy white clouds and breeze ruffled waters, which are all synonymous with the beautiful region today.


Lake General Carrera, Buenos Aires, Patagonia

Lake General Carrera, Buenos Aires, Patagonia The evocative soft powder teal coloured waters of this sparkling and entrancing lake are caused by deposits of glacial flour that trickle down continuously into the lake below, from mountain streams all throughout from the rugged snow-capped mountain peaks. The famous Marble Caves or Catedral de Marmol rise majestically right in the middle of the lake, and the weather eroded marble makes a fascinating and popular tourist attraction.

These are just 9 of the World’s Most Stunning Lakes, but tucked away in every corner of the earth you will find thousands of incredible lakes. Which one of these gorgeous lakes would you like to see for yourself?

Top Image Source: greaterbostonphotography.com

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I cannot believe Lake Bled is on your list :D such a small country but so many beautiful places here... There's obviously a reason we call it sLOVEnia i just hope to have the chance and see all of the other lakes one day.

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