7 Places in the World That Inspired Authors ...

Creative muses come in many forms and that includes places that inspired authors. You might have already seen my article on places that inspired works of art, so I thought it would be just as fun to look at locations that prompted a writer to produce a literary tour de force. Excuse my little indulgence because although there are many, many places that inspired authors, these are some of my favorites – both in terms of location and writers/stories.

1. Washington, D.C

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Although Hemingway once famously said, β€œThe best place to write is in your head,” authors through time and across cultures have found that specific places – certain cities, landscapes, certain corners of the world – are sources of great inspiration for writing. As the kingdom of America’s political landscape, Washington, D.C. is also one of the chief places that inspired authors, from poet Walt Whitman, to Langston Hughes, to more recent authors, like Tom Clancy, Dan Brown and John Grisham. The city inspires not only writers, but readers as well: founded in 1800, the Library of Congress remains the largest in the world.

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