7 Places to Stop to Enjoy the Best of the Blue Mountains of Australia ...

Ahhhh…the Blue Mountains of Australia. The destination you can’t fully appreciate until you’ve been there and gazed over the mountaintops with your own eyes! There are so many places in the Blue Mountains that will blow your mind that it’s hard to know where to begin! Just a 90 minute drive to the west of Sydney, the Blue Mountains sit in their eucalyptus fume-tinted glory. Full of quaint stores, fancy retreats and mouth-watering food choices, any of the places in the Blue Mountains make a fabulous day out.

1. Grand Canyon Beauty

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Yes, Australia has an area called the Grand Canyon! If you’re up for the physical effort, especially on the walk back out, the Grand Canyon is one of the best places in the Blue Mountains to do some bushwalking. If you enjoy bird life, waterfalls and peaceful canyon views, then this 5.4km trek is just for you. You can find your way to this area on the track from Evans Lookout. Make sure you follow any safety directions given on this walk.

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