7 Places to Stop to Enjoy the Best of the Blue Mountains of Australia ...


7 Places to Stop to Enjoy the Best of the Blue Mountains of Australia ...
7 Places to Stop to Enjoy the Best of the Blue Mountains of Australia ...

Ahhhh…the Blue Mountains of Australia. The destination you can’t fully appreciate until you’ve been there and gazed over the mountaintops with your own eyes! There are so many places in the Blue Mountains that will blow your mind that it’s hard to know where to begin! Just a 90 minute drive to the west of Sydney, the Blue Mountains sit in their eucalyptus fume-tinted glory. Full of quaint stores, fancy retreats and mouth-watering food choices, any of the places in the Blue Mountains make a fabulous day out.

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Grand Canyon Beauty

Grand Canyon Beauty Yes, Australia has an area called the Grand Canyon! If you’re up for the physical effort, especially on the walk back out, the Grand Canyon is one of the best places in the Blue Mountains to do some bushwalking. If you enjoy bird life, waterfalls and peaceful canyon views, then this 5.4km trek is just for you. You can find your way to this area on the track from Evans Lookout. Make sure you follow any safety directions given on this walk.


Jenolan Caves Adventuring

Jenolan Caves Adventuring The Jenolan Caves require an extra drive on from the main attractions in the Blue Mountains. The drive along bendy roads is well worth it to experience the caves in all their glory. Do a little research ahead of time and decide which caves you will visit as there are a few choices depending on the time you have available and your fitness level. Pretty lighting, rivers that run deep inside the caves and the occasional wedding party are all part of the excitement of visiting these historic caves. You’ll be amazed at some of the access points early explorers found into the cave system! Your entrance fee includes a knowledgeable guide to answer all your questions.


Norman Lindsay Gallery

Norman Lindsay Gallery The Magic Pudding is a classic Australian children’s book authored by Norman Lindsay who is also a renowned artist. Visit his former home which now houses his artwork collection, illustrations from his books and various interesting garden sculptures. If you’re a fan, this gallery visit is a must-see.


Everglades Heritage Gardens

Everglades Heritage Gardens If the natural beauty of the area isn’t enough to fill your soul be sure to visit the Everglades, which showcases over twelve acres of heritage gardens designed in the 1930s. Tea rooms are available or bring a picnic to enjoy in the grounds.


Scenic Railway

Scenic Railway Adults and kids alike will get a kick out of riding the Scenic Railway at Katoomba. Boasting the steepest passenger rail link in the world and descending into darkness, you are transported to the valley below. Here you can explore the information boards explaining early mining practices while enjoying the sights and sounds of nature all around you on a walk that covers around 2.4km. Finish off with a cable car ride or brave the glass floor of the Scenic Skyway! If you want a souvenir of your Blue Mountains visit, this is the place to pick it up!


Blue Mountains Trolley Tours

Blue Mountains Trolley Tours Exploring all of the places in the Blue Mountains that are of interest can be a difficult task if you’ve arrived by train and don’t have a car. For this reason the Blue Mountains Trolley Tour is highly recommended. With 29 stops and meeting the train from the city, you’ll have no reason to miss any attractions on the mountain. This is a hop on, hop off service that takes about an hour if you stay on all the way.


Famous Three Sisters

Famous Three Sisters Possibly the most well-known of all the special places in the Blue Mountains, and perhaps the main reason most people choose to visit, the Three Sisters are part of a magnificent view that takes your breath away. Be aware that you won’t be alone when you head to Katoomba to view the Three Sisters. Day-trippers and many bus loads of tourists descend on the area every day with weekends being particularly busy. Take the time to explore the area and go bushwalking instead of just snapping pics from the usual tourist lookouts. You’ll be glad you did.

Remember to plan your visit to the Blue Mountains ahead of time so you don’t miss anything you really want to see. While I’ve included 7 must-see stops to enjoy the best the Blue Mountains has to offer, there are so many more noteworthy stops that you could easily spend days here! Anyone been?

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The blue mountains and janolan caves are my favourite places to go! Definitely recommend going there everyone!

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