9 over the Top and Wacky Hotel Rooms and Suites ...


9 over the Top and Wacky Hotel Rooms and Suites ...
9 over the Top and Wacky Hotel Rooms and Suites ...

Modern hotels can be sterile and somewhat lacking imagination but there are some amazingly wacky hotel rooms around the world. Sometimes they are hidden behind conventional facades and come as a total surprise; other times they are just one part of a whole themed hotel that just screams OTT. Whatever your passion or inspiration, there’s bound to be wacky hotel rooms that attract you. Take a look at some of my favorites.

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The Caveman Room

The Caveman Room The Madonna Inn in San Luis Obispo, California has a whopping 110 wacky hotel rooms, every one with a crazy, OTT theme. How about the Caveman Room? Like something out of the Flintstones, the room is carved out of solid rock and strewn with animal prints and even has a rock pond. You can certainly let your inner prehistoric cave girl free - just don’t let your man drag you into the waterfall stone shower by your hair!


1950's Suite

1950's Suite There are 6 OTT hotel suites at the Victoria Mansion in Los Alamos, California – the Pirate suite, the French Suite, the Gypsy Suite, the Roman Suite, and the 50's Suite. With the current passion for all things retro, the 50's suite is a charm. You sleep in an authentic Cadillac bed and the suite comes with a hot tub, fireplace and private bathroom where the sink is set into a car hood. Neon signs illuminate the walls and there’s a giant movie screen with projector, so if you want to make like a drive-in movie date night, the setting is perfect.


Venice Suite

Venice Suite Do you dream of a trip to romantic Venice but can’t afford it? The next best thing then, is the Venice Suite at the Destination Inn in Idaho Falls. Complete with columned porticoes, decorated with murals of the city, and having a gondola shaped bathtub under a balutsraded bridge, the suite is the epitome of Venetian elegance. There are 14 wacky hotel rooms at the Destination Inn, each dedicated to a separate location, including Thailand, Athens and The Congo.


The Nautilus Suite

The Nautilus Suite OMG! At $30,000 per night you expect something special, and you certainly get it at the Poseidon Undersea Resort in Fiji. There’s everything you need for luxury underwater living which brings a whole new meaning to sleeping with the fishes. The suite comes complete with massive picture windows so you feel at one with the ocean, a private coral garden and you can even feed the fish with push button controls. If you feel the need to get out, there’s a Triton submarine at your disposal.


Room 409

Room 409 The name might make it sound normal, but Room 409 at the Hotel Fox in Copenhagen is one of the completely wacky hotel rooms in Europe. I do have to ask, why it is in the city of Hans Christian Anderson, that a designer chose Heidi as the inspiration for a hotel room theme, but there you go. With cartoon-style murals of alpine scenes including Heidi and her goats, a split pine bed, and other nods to Switzerland, the room is a must for anyone who loved the book as a child.


The James Bond Suite

The James Bond Suite Thanks to Daniel Craig, James Bond is more popular than ever, and those who wish to live the high life of a secret agent will find home in the James Bond Suite at Hotel Seven in Paris. As hotel rooms with a wacky theme go, this is among the most evocative. Blending vintage chic and futuristic design, the 007 Suite is exceptional décor personified. Complete with a Turkish steam shower and electronic safe, you can slip into your gold lamé or slinky cocktail dress as your man steps into a tux to select your favorite from the entire collection of Bond movies.


Free Spirit Spheres

Free Spirit Spheres Weird in concept and execution, but brilliantly inventive too, the Free Spirit Spheres at Qualicum Beach in Canada, are about as far removed from traditional hotel rooms as you can imagine. Handcrafted from wood, the suspended spherical spheres are tree houses for grown-ups. With a feeling of weightlessness, the spheres are designed to promote creative energy and reinvigorate a personal spiritual connection to nature.


The Chocolate Room

The Chocolate Room There’s no denying Karl Lagerfeld is one of the greatest fashion designers, so if someone provided him with 10 tons of chocolate with which to create a hotel room, the result was bound to be amazing. Indeed, the Chocolate Room at La Reserve in Paris is a triumph. With everything sculpted from chocolate, there aren’t many wacky hotel rooms that boast a life size edible model of the designer’s boyfriend!


The Glass Igloo

The Glass Igloo Ok, so this is not so wacky, but it is unconventional and amazing too. Can you imagine a better way of experiencing Mother’s Nature’s spectacular light show of the Aurora Borealis than from the comfort of a glass igloo? Between December and April every year, the Igloo Village Kakslauttanen in Finnish Lapland is open for the experience of a lifetime. Made from state-of-the-art thermal glass which doesn’t frost, you can enjoy the open Lapp skies and the wonderful Northern Lights from your very own private igloo.

I think hotel rooms with a wacky theme are a much more exciting option than a traditional room. They certainly add something extra to a trip. Did any of these fire up your desires for a visit or maybe you’ve some suggestions of your own?

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The fourth one is my favourite! Thanks for this really needed a break!

I love the first three. Probably expensive though

Yes especially the chocolate room n the 1950's viintaqe room.

I love this!!!!

Lol! I wanna coment about every single room but most of all is the man real in chocolate room or its chocolat? If its chocolate and some guest eat it do they have to make one all over again ? Holly cow

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