7 Geological Formations That You Must See to Believe ...

Geological formations present us with some of the most amazing landscapes on Earth. If the number of types of rock and the ways they are formed aren't fascinating enough, the movements of the Earth and the elements combine to create geological formations that sometimes appear to be out of this world. Here are some of my favorites.

1. Abraham Lake’s Frozen Air Bubbles

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On the North Saskatchewan River in western Alberta, Canada, lies Abraham Lake, an artificial lake constructed in 1972, along with the Bighorn Dam. The unique anomaly of frozen bubbles right beneath the ice’s surface is one of the most visually stunning geological formations, and hundreds of photographers flock to the lake every year. The rare bubbles are produced by plants on the lake bed, which release methane gas; upon rising to the colder surface waters, the methane freezes in its bubbles. As the weather grows colder during the winter, the bubbles keep stacking up, creating the spectacular (and very photogenic) effect.

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