7 Incredible Table Top Mountains around the World ...

Whether they are called mesa, butte, amba, or tuya, table top mountains are some of the most spectacular geological features of our world. Formed in the same way as other mountains (a combination of lava eruptions and geological folding and bending), it’s their flat tops that make them such fascinating standouts from the pointy mountains. Let’s have a look at some of the amazing table top mountains around the world.

1. Survey the World from an Island in the Sky, USA

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Canyonlands National Park in Utah sports an ever-changing landscape of canyons, tepuis, buttes and mesas. The Tepuis or table top mountains here are among the oldest geological formations on our planet, dating back some two billion years. Utah owes this amazing landscape to the Colorado and Green River erosion, when the waters carved out these stunning rock formations over millennia. The views across the national park from the top of a mesa are simply breath-taking.

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