6 Tips on How to Plan a Perfect Romantic Getaway ...


6 Tips on How to Plan a Perfect Romantic Getaway ...
6 Tips on How to Plan a Perfect Romantic Getaway ...

One of the best parts of being in a relationship is when you get to go away on vacation together. Depending on your circumstances and how hard you have to work, that might not be something that can happen all the time, so when it does, you need to make sure that you do things right! When executed perfectly, a couples’ holiday can make memories that last a lifetime and even bring you closer together as a pair. Here are six great tips for how to plan a perfect romantic getaway.

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Set a Budget

You want the trip to be dreamy, but it shouldn’t be at the expense of breaking the bank. Before you do any kind of planning, set yourself a budget so that you don’t make the mistake of booking places and trips that are beyond your means. There is nothing romantic about being broke!


Special Location

Try to think of a location that has a special meaning to you as a couple. Maybe somewhere you have been together before, or somewhere that you have always talked about visiting. Holidays mean so much more when they are to a place that holds an emotional meaning. There is already a degree of nostalgia before you have even arrived!



If you don’t want to be swept up in the tourist crowds and overexcited holidaymakers, then it is best to book a trip during the ‘off season’. Not only will the atmosphere be calmer and more intimate, but you also might find that you get a great deal on a place that was double the price just a few months ago.


Digital Detox

Of course, bring a camera along so that you can take lots of pictures for memory’s sake, but outside of that technology, try to have a big digital detox. The only thing you should be concentrating on during your break is the love that you feel for your partner. It doesn’t matter what is trending on Twitter or who is posting baby pics on Facebook!



Make the time to plan a few surprises along the course of your vacation. A special dinner here, a romantic day trip on a private boat there ... lots of little things that will delight your partner and only grow the love that the two of you share.



And if you want to go the whole hog, you can always keep the entire holiday a secret until the last minute! Of course, you’ll have to a lot of behind the scenes work, getting your partner time off work, making sure you have all their travel details correct etc. But that hard work is totally worth seeing the look of pleasant surprise on their face when you whisk them off to an unexpected paradise!

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